November 2009 Tweets

November 2009 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author


Thailand’s Office of Knowledge Management & Development draws plan for three ‘creative cities’ 

Knowledge Management tools: InMagic on social knowledge networks & access control via “social volume knobs” 

Innovation management: pitfalls and challenges 

Power to the bee community! Food and Environment Research Agency in UK wins award for Knowledge Management & Analysis 

MAKE Europe winners: Return on Revenues over two times the Global Fortune 500 median, Return on Assets over four times 

Knowledge Management: MAKE Europe award winners 2009: BP, BBC, Ericsson, IKEA, Mondragon, Nokia, RoyalDutchShell, SAP, Siemens, UriaMenendez

Knowledge management: benchmarking KM practices in Dubai  Human Development Authority + Municipal Affairs

Harriet Creamer on the importance of knowledge management in the law profession 

My blogpost: Day Two, KM Asia 2009: Energising Knowledge and Evolving KM  #KMAsia09

Luke Naismith (drawing on Einstein’s equation): Knowledge shared is knowledge squared #KMasia09

Naismith: Arab Knowledge Report: knowledge is a service for development #KMasia09

Luke Naismith: The five eyes and “Is” of knowledge: intellect, instinct, imagination, intuition, insight, ignorance #KMasia09

A rather rambling presentation now by the US Secret Service. No wonder they are in trouble? ;-) #KMasia09

Knowledge Management: card games for KM Method Cards and Organisation Culture Cards, being showcased now at #KMasia09 

My blogpost: KM Asia 2009 Top 10 Takeaways  #KMAsia09

Mary Lee Kennedy, Executive Director, Knowledge and Library Services, HBS: Will digital scholarship accelerate innovation? #KMasia09

Knowledge Management: am in Singapore this week for KM Asia 2009 

CloudsOfMusic: enrichment of music archives with cultural metadata Tag clouds, similarity spirals etc

EasyRec White-label recommendation service and collaborative filters for portals eg. film viewers (FlimMit

Spent a fruitful day in wonderful Vienna at Research Studios Austria Smart Agents, Pervasive Computing

Creativity World Forum Stuttgart, December 1-3. Creative industries, regional/city strategies, innovation

Activists launch website on copyright laws around the world via @infopolicy

Pall: “Some secrets are more valuable when shared with others” – Ed MCracken #EuroPrix

Pall: Imagine deer now having guns and shooting back at hunters. That is today’s consumer with social media! #EuroPrix

Charly Pall, Google: Phases of Internet evolution: 1. Info, comm 2. e-Commerce 3. Community 4. Mobile #EuroPrix

Ferscha: Pervasing computing landscapes: The user is now *in* the information! Information used to be in user’s PC. #EuroPrix

Alois Ferscha, Director, Pervasive Computing Studio: Check out the world’s biggest “if” at! #EuroPrix

Peter Bruck: The four media screens are cinema, TV, PC, mobile. PC & mobile are the first to bring screen audience size down to 1 #EuroPrix

Mayor of Graz: We want our city to be known as the City of Design. Peter Bruck: Graz is the city of human rights. #EuroPrix

Cool name for company+designation of 1st speaker: Adam Montandon, Head of Imagination at HMC Interactive (Hardcore Monkey Crash)! #EuroPrix

MicroLearning: incremental learning solutions interleaved with working life by KnowledgePulse Now extended to mobiles

Knowledge Management: North America MAKE winners Apple APQC ConocoPhillips Fluor Google HP IBM IDEO Microsoft MITRE

University role in innovation: US, UK examples

Spent a fruitful day in stunning Salzburg at Research Studios Austria “Bringing University Innovations to Market” :-)

RT @loic reading @ev Why the new Retweeting was done this way

In Mysore now, teaching the last part of my Knowledge Management course (Master’s level)

Knowledge management: KM World magazine’s list of KM Promise awards finalists 2009

RT @Padmasree Ten inventions that changed the world Science Museum in London

Social media and knowledge sharing between schools: open source platform by GoingOn

Enterprise 2.0: social media challenges & opportunities Views from BAH, CSC, EMC, Eli Lilly

David Rogers, author of “The Network is Your Customer” – Customers can be your biggest competitor as well as business driver #WBCon

Knowledge Management: Business focus for #KM – BP’s insights 12 years ago via @tetradian @hebsgaard

Social media: perspective from portal provider Open Text Convergence between KM, portals, collaboration

Social media in organisations: knowledge sharing, teamwork, expertise (Geoff Spick)

Must-read piece on social software design by Gentry Underwood, IDEO Also:

Knowledge Management: Intl Conference on KM Hong Kong Dec 3-4 “Managing Knowledge for Global&Collaborative Innovations”

Knowledge Management: Indian government plans portal for KM in rice cultivation


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