KM, Big Data and Analytics

KM, Big Data and Analytics

by Madanmohan Rao, Editor, The KM Chronicles,

The next monthly meetup of the Bangalore K-Community, a knowledge management (KM) professionals forum, will feature a panel on the topic: “KM, Big Data and Analytics.

Much of knowledge management (KM) has focused on activities like productivity gains through better project management, social media and expertise connectors. What are the long-term benefits of KM in terms of forecasting and predictions? How does it help organisational planning and strategy? How does KM connect with analytics in this age of Big Data? What innovative strategies can big companies tap for mastering analytics, eg. engaging with new enterprise IT startups? This panel discussion will draw on a range of perspectives and come up with recommendations and possibilities.

Panelists: From EY, Unisys, Kyron – Malay Shah, G.A. Sreevatsadhara Sarma and Varun Backliwal

Venue: Unisys Global Services, Residency Road (Opp. Bangalore Club, next to Chancery Pavilion Hotel)
Date: Wednesday March 18; 6-8 pm
URL of map: Google Map for Unisys Bangalore Office
RSVP & Contact Person
Dr Randhir Puspha Phone number: 99805-73382


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