October 2009 Tweets

October 2009 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author




Local+global networks of networks for new media innovation: MobileMonday, Net Tuesdays www.MobileMonday.net www.netsquared.org/net2-local

ICT4D Innovation Fairs: World Bank (e-Society) http://bit.ly/37TydB UN-ECOSOC (health) http://bit.ly/253jHV

Innovation in India: NASSCOM Product Conclave, Bangalore http://bit.ly/6ZtTy http://bit.ly/Ew4OO http://bit.ly/1xTQaf

Rory Chase on a roll: Most Admired Knowledge City Awards (MAKCi) http://bit.ly/CN6Ts (nominees include Shenzhen)

Pics: #KMindia 2009 http://www.twitpic.com/nhwoa http://www.twitpic.com/nhwu5 http://www.twitpic.com/nhwx0 http://www.twitpic.com/nhwzt

Knowledge Management: A Wishlist for KM India 2010! http://km.techsparks.com/?p=63 My blogpost from #KMindia 2009

Knowledge Management: Top 12 Tips from India for KM Practitioners http://km.techsparks.com/?p=60 My blogpost from #KMindia 2009

Knowledge Management: David Snowden on KM and Social Media http://km.techsparks.com/?p=56 My blogpost from #KMindia

RT @snowded: Podcast and slides from KM India loaded http://bit.ly/2vkQvH #KM #KMIndia

Special thanks for #KMindia tweets to @rsukumar @snowded @saikrishna_rao @srinitata @DavidGurteen @rdatta @gkamesh @mailsubash @Heyshash

Knowledge Management: Does Process Inhibit Innovation? http://km.techsparks.com/?p=53 My blogpost on the debate from #KMindia

Knowledge management: MAKE winners, India 2009: Infosys, EurekaForbes, HCL Tech, ICICI Bank, L&T, Mindtree, TCS, Tata Steel, Wipro Infotech

Knowledge Management: Metaphors for Knowledge and KM http://km.techsparks.com/?p=50 My blogpost from KM India 2009 #KMindia

Report: Knowledge Management in the Media http://ow.ly/wOWr Centre for Journalism & Further Ed, Aarhus via @WeKnowMore

Knowledge management: benefits of using social media in organisations http://bit.ly/2YqVzu Phil Green, CTO, InMagic

Knowledge management and social media in law: interview with KM practitioner Mary Abraham http://bit.ly/2BwzFm

Knowledge Management: In Chennai now for KM India www.KMindia.in Good to see David Gurteen here, on his first ever trip to India :-)

Read a superb book: Cultural Intelligence – Living and Working Globally, by David Thomas & Kerr Inkson http://bit.ly/4xNcWC

Knowledge management: special thanks to @MichelleLamb for tweets from #KMandPeopleDevelopment event in Sydney!

Creative Coast Alliance innovation awards: music intelligence and events http://bit.ly/4mNQ2Z Savannah Music Festival, uPlaya

Knowledge management at US Department of Defense: the next frontier, a game changer – but a tricky fit http://bit.ly/16WnKu

Knowledge management: Survey of US government practices http://bit.ly/1g7zQn Ramon Barquin

Creative industries support: UK Taiwan Singapore Indonesia http://bit.ly/17X8ce http://bit.ly/zKgAw http://bit.ly/dnWAJ http://bit.ly/2csmHw

Knowledge management: good discussion at #unicefkm Participants: please see http://bit.ly/1tBJBU http://km.techsparks.com/?p=31

More knowledge nuggets from events via Twitter: media, mobile health, LBS, knowledge management #dh09 #mHS09 #where20 #ICKE2009 #play09

Previous winners (Economist innovation): Matti Makkonen, Sonera (father of SMS) Mike Lazaridis, RIM (mobile e-mail) http://bit.ly/4q5yWm

Economist’s innovation award in telcom goes to Ray Kurzweil http://bit.ly/3i59JF OCR, speech recognition on mobiles

Knowledge management: knowledge sharing in four kinds of factory networks http://bit.ly/qVEXs Forbes

Knowledge management: social media & sharing via @Kursteekins http://bit.ly/2PlgRr Sentiment analysis, citizen networks

Knowledge Management at Infosys: Narayana Murthy on innovation, values, mentorship http://bit.ly/1C2D6Q

Knowledge Management: International Conference on the Knowledge Economy http://bit.ly/zAy7g South Africa Oct 20-22

My blogpost: “PR & Knowledge Sharing: Twitter Strategies for Conference Organisers” http://km.techsparks.com/?p=42

Community Knowledge Workers use ICTs to link farmers+stakeholders. via @kiwanja http://bit.ly/3XVQ1o Grameen Foundation, AppLab

CK Prahalad on new approaches to innovation at bottom of pyramid (GE in India&China) http://bit.ly/74FKQ video via @johntodor

Knowledge Management: Teleos names Asia’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) http://bit.ly/4Bf3j India (5), Korea (4), Japan (2)

Massachusetts Innovation Night Oct 14 http://bit.ly/3BUbU5 http://massinnovationnights.com Wish they had these when I was at UMass!

“Silicon Cape” – South Africa’s Silicon Valley? http://bit.ly/jTvlZ http://bit.ly/1yIyA5 Good luck to Vinny Lingham & team!

Knowledge management: my blogpost on KM at IDEO http://km.techsparks.com/?p=31 Gentry Underwood, Head of Knowledge Sharing

Open Knowledge models: Enterprise 2.0, Social Business Design http://bit.ly/YnP1O “Most blog posts are the equivalent of digital fish wrap”

“Smart Cities” – ICT use in traffic management, energy, public health, education, social services http://bit.ly/436VZR NYT

Seoul on a roll: World Cities CIO Forum, World Knowledge Forum http://bit.ly/IoIAN http://bit.ly/F7rVT http://bit.ly/kmp08

Social networks for inventors: Incuby, InventBay, InventTube, IdeaWicket, Quirky, Threadless http://bit.ly/1K9yJQ

How about not starting fights, or winning through peace? http://bit.ly/2Yn4Fm US Army Conference: Knowledge Management: “Winning the Fight”

AcaWiki launched: like “Wikipedia for academic research” http://AcaWiki.org (also see Curriki for curriculum) via @maggiev

Hear hear! But few donors share knowledge with one another, they compete! RT @rsamii Donor agencies need to share knowledge #km4dev

Busy weekend in Bangalore! Wikipedia Meetup on Sunday http://bit.ly/VBkis Bangalore Startup Saturday http://bit.ly/h3h8a

5 reasons for lawyers to use social media http://bit.ly/lq9uS Learn, network, communicate, contribute, fun via @S0CIALCAPITAL

Knowledge management: Keynote podcast, slides: http://bit.ly/4pIBlv David Snowden, Knowtech 2009 Germany www.iw-live.de/wissen @snowded

Knowledge management: KM seminar at Philippine Dept of Trade & Industry on KM strategies, culture, audit, roadmaps http://bit.ly/3u7FOn

Knowledge management: am in Mysore for the 2nd part of KM course; my students this time are from India, Iran, Palestine http://tiny.cc/sVkGJ

Knowledge management: Ramon Barquin on KM, business intelligence and cloud computing for government http://bit.ly/18QZrJ

Knowledge management: Dan Holtshouse on the future of knowledge workers: team/collaborative skills, decision-making http://bit.ly/onKSJ


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