KM Strategy and Governance

KM Strategy and Governance

by Madanmohan Rao, Editor, The KM Chronicles,

Bangalore; January 18, 2012; 6-8 pm

The first Bangalore K-Community session of 2012 will begin on a high note, focusing on issues of knowledge and strategy ( This panel discussion will feature eminent speakers addressing questions of KM alignment, organisational vision and knowledge societies. It will be followed by interactive discussions between the panellists and audience.

Topic 1: Is Knowledge Management Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture?

Speaker: Waltraut Ritter

Are some knowledge management initiatives too narrowly focusing on internal operations and not addressing larger questions about the nature and sustainability of the knowledge driving the organisation? This session will discuss the issues regarding ethics, risk, and governance of KM practices which do not address this broader context.

Waltraut Ritter is director with the Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre, a Knowledge Economy Research Centre in Hong Kong. She is also founder-director of Knowledge Dialogues, specializing in innovation, knowledge, and intellectual capital. She has participated in initiatives of the Commonwealth Secretariat, European Commission, UN, Asian Development Bank, OECD and national governments (Finland, India, China and Korea). She is lecturing information science related topics at universities across the Asia Pacific region, including ISIM in Mysore.

Topic 2: Knowledge Strategy for State and Society

Speaker: Dr. M.K. Sridhar, Director, Karnataka Knowledge Commission

Moving from organisations to societies, this talk will focus on how the Karnataka Knowledge Commission (KKC) aims to increase the state’s competitive advantage in fields of knowledge. This includes educational capacity, indigenous knowledge, and efficient government. The talk will cover KM opportunities for KKC and for the state and society, and the roadmap of KKC.

Dr. M.K. Sridhar is Member Secretary and Executive Director of the KKC. He is a Professor of Management at Bangalore University, and holds a doctoral degree from Mysore University. He has completed projects on entrepreneurial awareness among youth, impact of mass media on adolescent youth and the Study of Interaction between Technical Institutions and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Hosting Organisation:

Unisys India, 135/1, Purva Premiere, Residency Road (Opp. Bangalore Club), Bangalore – 560 025. Phone: 4159 4000 Website:

RSVP & Contact Person:  Randhir.Pushpa@ Mobile: 99805-73382



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