November 2011 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation

November 2011 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation

by Madanmohan Rao
KM Consultant and Author

An interesting read:  The #Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas & Make them Happen: by Boynton & Fischer #innovation

Forbes: Tech Gets Exciting In India, But 5 Years Behind China

Salon: Role of immigrants in US innovation; China, India

A terrific read: Peter Sims – “Little Bets: How breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries”  #innovation

Turkey’s rising technopreneurs

Excerpt from The Little Black Book of #Innovation: How It Works, How to Do It by Scott D. Anthony

Roger Martin: Canada, like #SteveJobs, should zero in on #innovation and not just invention

Clozette, Skydoor: Singapore firms tap social, 3D video as differentiators (Red Herring Asia Top 100)

France-Singapore #Innovation Days

Festival of Media Asia sparks dialogue on opportunities in Asia

IT cos, developers embracing smart tech in Indian cities

Robert Goldsmith: A practical guide to managing #innovation

Thomas Friedman: India’s #Innovation Stimulus

India innovator profile: Yashveer Singh

India’s ministry of human resource development will launch #Innovation Fellowships to reward talent at school level

Edwin Heathcote: Mapping the innovative city  #innovation

Being an #entrepreneur is ‘hot’; target ‘Chindia’ price: Vinod Khosla

India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to set up eight #innovation complexes

Frank Jensen: Cities: The most important engines for growth  #innovation

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2012  #Innovation a game-changer, must focus on poverty: India PM

National Fair finale of the India #Innovation Initiative (i3)

A good read: What the European Union can learn from India (Manu Joseph)

Will check, gracias! :-) @olgag Madan, @LarryChiang will be in Bangalore featuring Geeks on a Plane – It might be of interest to U

Learnings from “#Innovation in Education” conference

The Atlantic: The 8 Best National #Innovation Practices From Around the World

Profile of 8 Indian Business Professionals/Academics Among Top 50 Thinkers

Montreal Gazette: Keeping up with China in science is key to West’s economic future

Richard Alvarez: In health-care #innovation, the future is already here

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel invests in radical science #innovation

Rowan Gibson: “People’s #innovation key to organisations’ productivity”

Thomson Reuters Unveils the ‘Top 100 Global Innovators’ Study

Justin Rattner: It’s Not Your Imagination: Technology Is Moving Faster

@TheEconomist Immigrant networks are a rare bright spark in the world economy. Rich countries should welcome them Retweeted by MadanRao

RT @GautamGhosh “In India we have 19th century mindset, 20th century processes and 21st century needs” Sam Pitroda #nhrd11

India NHRD Network’s 15th National #HR Conference: “Live and Breathe the Change

@futuresagency RT @neilperkin: Dead Fish: ‘From The Wisdom Of Crowds, To The Wisdom Of Friends’

@futuresagency RT @dtapscott: How Online Innovators Are Disrupting #Education

via @HarvardBiz  #innovation Retweeted by MadanRao

#Infosys Science Prize: Research activity in India declining, need gov + industry support

Scott Shane: Who Counts As an Entrepreneur?

Seminar: ‘Garage’ Start-ups Now Possible in Life Sciences Industry

Social Innovation: Lifebuoy soap’s “Global Handwashing Day”

Kevin Brown: Economic futures and #ASEAN summit: A fragmented forum

Peter Bakker: Radical change and #innovation is needed to meet the sustainability challenges ahead

The Knowledge Management Programme: Gyanodyan launched at India’s ONGC  #KM

Ramon Barquin: Should the United States Have a Chief Knowledge Management Officer?  #KM

The Cloud Of Opportunities: Profile of #cloud startups in India (eg. Wolf Frameworks)

@manveergrewal RT @LucianT: By 2020 the average age in the world:India 27,China 39,US 47.India has a Demographic dividend that’ll payout with skills #WEF

@geertdesager “@vikaspota: Ethical Hacker, Fadia says #YouTube is the largest

training centre of the world #wef @IndiaIncorp” nice quote!

@YGLvoices “The world is changing but we’re stuck with old models. We can’t deal with Complexity and Velocity.” Klaus Schwab #YGL #WEF

@peggy_steele India not-so-quietly ramping up in global competitiveness? “@wef: India leads the world in frugal innovation – Sander Noordende #WEF India”

#WEF Global Shapers Community launches in India (Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi)  #entrepreneurship

World Economic Forum, India: press coverage  #WEF

Awesome event, must add it to my list of favourites+regulars! #Alchemix Thx to @InnovAlchemy team! Now off to negotiate Bangalore traffic…

@amritochates Talk around first creating value & money would follow at #alchemix

reminds me of a phrase I read yesterday – ‘Value over valuation’

Shradha: Revenue model is important, but sometimes it emerges later, not apparent in the beginning #Alchemix

Attendee: Pay attention to quality and credibility of social content (especially for corporates) #Alchemix

Infosys attendee: Pay attention to the user experience. Observations, anecdotoes, states, research. #Alchemix

Me: Suggestion to companies using social media – periodically archive your tweets as static pages on your Web site; good for SEO #Alchemix

Looking forward to the brainstorming/feedback session next! #Alchemix

Sidharth/FLOH Network: Even in the age of social media, human connection cannot be replicated #Alchemix

Sidharth/FLOH Network: Use social media to connect urban singles who have passions (eg. blue cheese!) #Alchemix

Maya/Ashoka: Learnings: Original compelling content is king. Interest your staff in creating content. Stay connected w/ community #Alchemix

Maya/Ashoka: We have created an Impact series of interviews/chats with women entrepreneurs #Alchemix

Sati/Ashoka: We organise one FB event every two months, featuring one of our Fellows. #Alchemix

Sati/Ashoka: 50% of our Website traffic comes from social media referrals #Alchemix

Sati: Web site helps us become a key resource for the development community in India. Post-2011: blogs, SEO, stories of Fellows #Alchemix

Sati: Ashoka Foundation has 3K Fellows globally. Our first fellow was elected in India, 30 years ago #Alchemix

Up next: Sati from Ashoka India Foundation #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: Success factors for social media: honesty, transparency, resource sharing, collaboration, approachability #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: Social media helped us discover Radio Mirchi, who also created audio books for us #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: We used Twitter to get books for children running a mobile library for other underprivileged children in Calcutta #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: We uploaded audio books for the blind (Soundcloud) — others wanting to learning languages also downloaded them! #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: Twitter allows us to create conversations about content, win fans/re-tweeters, and network with publishers #Alchemix

Maya/Pratham: But look beyond the numbers in social media, look at level of engagement also. #Alchemix

Pratham Books: We have about 4K+ Twitter followers, 140K blog pageviews, 2.5K FB followers, 4K Youtube video views #Alchemix

Nathalia: What worked for mDhil – blending SEO with social media (eg. for YouTube videos) #Alchemix

Nathalia: We have used Facebook ads, Twitter to build a community of healthcare fans #Alchemix

Coming up: Social #Innovation Awards 2012

McKinsey Invites Social Innovators to Present their Ideas

Globalisation: Nathália Matychevicz, Social Media Manager of Bangalore-based mDhil, is from Recife/Brasil! #Alchemix

Board of directors of mDhil includes Ganesh Rengaswamy, founder of  #Alchemix

Entrepreneurial team of mDhil:   #Alchemix – Indian + Brasilian teamplayers. Healthcare info via #SMS #Alchemix

mDhil: Societal impact can be created by SEO and social media in the healthcare industry Shradha: I even got Sushmita Sen on my site! But some called me opportunistic. I let those comments stay, and earned goodwill #Alchemix

Shradha: We have 3,500 stories so far, many are successful. Power of social media: be helpful, be maniacal/psychotic/passionate! #Alchemix

Shradha: Long term gain – successful startups will reward me later! India can be a giving culture #Alchemix

Shardha: Some flak I got – “You are doing just PR,” “These startups will fail in a few months” #Alchemix

Shradha: Though I didn’t make money in the beginning, it was gratifying to air/voice stories about entrepreneurs #Alchemix

Shradha: Startups which are not yet successful need a voice. Online was a feasible channel as compared to a print magazine #Alchemix

Shradha Sharma launched  when she realised how badly startups need good media coverage in their early stages #Alchemix

Terrific initiative by #InnovAlchemy and @DREAMIN_Team, thanks!  #Alchemix

Speakers today: Shradha Sharma (@YourStoryDotIn), mDhil (@mHealthTips), Maya (@PrathamBooks), @AshokaIndia, #FLOHnetwork  #Alchemix

Theme for #Alchemix 4: “Social Energy: An #Innovation Ingredient?”

How do innovators/entrepreneurs use social media/networks?

#Alchemix 4th session kicks off in Bangalore: “an active community of innovation practice” Webcast:

Winners of the African Social Venture Prize at the #AfricaCom 2011 Awards

Youth and #ICT4D: The World Summit Awards (Youth) – winners for 2011

@beastoftraal The China Startup Report  /via @Aniketh Good backgrounder for those in #nasscompc

My #INMA South Asia presentation on “Social+Mobile Media Opportunities for Newspapers”

INMA South Asia Conference, Bangalore: Roots and Wings of News Industry: Presentations and Pics:

@futuresagency RT @mtrends: The 20 Most Innovative Startups In Tech according @businessinsider  via @SAI

@YourStorydotin #India’s Billion Dollar Bet On The Next Decade Of

#Software  #NASSCOMPC

Looking forward to the Alchemix session tomorrow on #Innovation and Social Networking! Bangalore, Nov 12

Sarad Sharma: India is a hub of successful IT service companies. Can it be a hub of product cos as well?  #NASSCOMpc

Vinod Khosla: “Try and fail, but do not fail to try”  #NASSCOMpc

Vivek Paul: Indian start-ups should be talking to one another  #NASSCOMpc

Ten Indian Products Which Clicked At NASSCOM Product Conclave LaunchPad  #NASSCOMpc

NASSCOM: Indian software services industry earnings = $76-billion, product companies earnings = $2 billion  #NASSCOMpc

@wadhwa: Great meeting you! Here are the books I was referring to:  Happy reading! #NASSCOMpc

@shelisrael Entrepreneurs here are frustrated w/not getting media coverage. They also seem impatient with the necessary process #nasscomPC Retweeted by MadanRao

@ServiceSutra Agree: @vijayanands A deer with the imagination of a tiger is a dangerous thing. #nasscompc Retweeted by MadanRao

@ConnectHarshal If you can’t invent, copy with a twist! #nasscompc Retweeted by MadanRao

Naveen Jain: Think big! You can’t create a billion dollar company by solving a million dollar problem #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain: Disruptive innovations never come from incumbent experts, but from outside the mainstream industry #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain: My philosophy of entrepreneurial philanthropy: social startups should be scaleable, sustainable #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain: God has been kind to us, I am just a trustee of his kindness and should give back to society #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain: Indian univs should focus on creating entrepreneurs, not just jobs; jobs will follow #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain: The two big product opportunities in India now are education, healthcare. Next: space, genetics #NASSCOMpc

Naveen Jain (InfoSpace, Intelius, Moon Express): There is a huge opportunity for Indian startups to build apps on top of Aadhar #NASSCOMpc

Vivek Wadhwa: Next big opportunity – healthcare IT, with a mix of tech skills, low cost sensors+tablets. Perfect for Bangalore! #NASSCOMpc

Vivek Wadhwa: I know Kapil Sibal and his cronies are crooks, but the concept of Aakash tablets is good, don’t dismiss it #NASSCOMpc

Vivek Wadhwa: It is a pity successful Indian entrepreneurs like Narayana Murthy have not given back to society, to local startups #NASSCOMpc

#AfricaCom 2011 Awards winners: Orange Surf and Pay, Helios Towers, Ericsson Rural NetCo, Skyvision, Seacom, AgaSha, Kachile, HRIS, MTN SA!

Shortlisted nominees for #AfricaCom 2011 Awards  Am looking for good case studies (projects/services/innovation) for my Africa Mobile Report 2012; see earlier reports –  #AfricaCom

Speaker lineup: NASSCOM Product Conclave, Bangalore; Nov 9-10

@treyka Carl Sagan was born 72 years ago today. I like to think he’s still out there somewhere in his Spaceship of the Imagination. RIP, man. Retweeted by MadanRao

Jim Downie, Jane McKenzie: “It’s time to get social at work” (social media and #KM)

Gartner on social media and knowledge management #KM

Walmart to start innovation lab in India; likely to woo talent from Amazon, Google and Yahoo

Kartik Hosanagar, UPenn, on Internet startups in India

World Innovation Summit for Education (Qatar, Nov 1-3)

South Africa: Cell C and Google Launch Business Incubator

South Africa director wins digital innovation prize for mobile concept

INMA Conference, Bangalore, Nov 7-8: Innovation and growth in the news industry, challenges/opportunities for newspapers, digital strategy

Looking forward to my session at the INMA conference on social media & news! Bangalore, Nov 7

Goa ThinkFest (@goathinkfest): Forum for cutting edge ideas from all over the world. November 4/5/6 in Goa

RT @isoc_bangalore: “Yahoo India R&D is very strategic to Yahoo globally” – come hear from Yahoo India at Bangalore INET conference Nov

@isoc_bangalore Economist magazine profile of India’s ecommerce leader Flipkart – come hear them at Bangalore INET conference, Nov 4! Retweeted by MadanRao

Looking forward to my panel and social media workshop at Bangalore’s INET conference, Nov 4-6!

My Bangalore K-Community blogpost: How to sustain Knowledge Management initiatives in the long term #KM

Knowledge management challenges: preliminary results from the Knowledge Management Observatory Global 2011 Survey  #KM

@isoc_bangalore wins Red Herring Asia Awards 2011; come hear them speak at Bangalore INET conference Nov 4! wins Red Herring Asia Awards 2011

Thai netizens get creative with flood survival techniques



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