October 2011 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, crowdsourcing

October 2011 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, crowdsourcing

by Madanmohan Rao
KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l

My Bangalore K-Community blogpost: Knowledge and #Innovation Management: Sustaining and Scaling Initiatives #KM http://km.techsparks.com/?p=282
Thanks tweeple for more terrific feedback; have updated my concept note: iBrew #Innovation Cafe Network! http://km.techsparks.com/?p=295
Finalists: 2011 Red Herring 100 Asia Award – Most Innovative Companies http://bit.ly/nggVix
Most can see other peoples faults. A few can see other peoples virtues. And two or three can even see their own shortcomings. – Sanskrit proverb
Hany Nada, Founding Partner, GGV Capital: “fans are more valuable than recorded music” http://tinyurl.com/3b9s327
Mike Elgan: Why Microsoft’s vision of the future will really happen http://bit.ly/rWT44g
Steven Levy on Facebook, Spotify and the Future of Music http://bit.ly/ssNHLR
Tweeting the Universe: Tiny Explanations of Very Big Ideas (Marcus Chown, Govert Schilling) http://bit.ly/sAAja3
Art Spiegelman On The Future of the Book http://bit.ly/uZ79Wu
Ken Wheaton and Art Murray – The continuing saga of the knowledge librarian http://bit.ly/vjxNPH
DHL Introduces Global Open #Innovation Competition on City Logistics http://bit.ly/mQmw7n
Speaker lineup for Green IT #Innovation Dinner Series, South Africa http://bit.ly/rdak7j
Shiv VIshwanathan on understanding #SteveJobs: http://bit.ly/qjuMky Eccentric v/s managerial aspects of creativity
Paddy Rao, Infosys: Don’t you want to know what you “know?” (#KM environment + tools) http://onforb.es/okrdl4
MAKE winner quotes: Infosys, Tata, Woods Bagot, ADB #KM http://bit.ly/qWrAVp http://bit.ly/pX4LZG http://bit.ly/r05Y1A http://bit.ly/nuduJC
Teleos Names Asia’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE Awards, Asia, 2011) #KM http://bit.ly/oUMFAj
Dubai conference: ‘Managing Knowledge and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Arab World’ Oct 23 #KM http://bit.ly/n9lHWZ
Knowledge Communities: Sharepoint Strategies for Knowledge Management #KM http://bit.ly/mPPbx4
New words I learned today: sustainovation, eduneering, tryvertising!
Singapore Aims To Become Space Powerhouse; Attract Young Engineering Talent http://bit.ly/nBHZOW
Thanks to Pavan Soni for highlighting importance of #innovation in organisational knowledge initiatives! http://pavansoni.net
Thanks to guest panelist Jeff Stemke, ex-KM head, Chevron, for sharing their knowledge journey! #KM http://km.techsparks.com/?p=282
Thx to speakers from Wipro, Infosys, Thoughtworks, Mindtree for superb K-Community panel on sustaining knowledge/innovation management! #KM
Looking forward to chairing the Bangalore K-Community meetup today: Knowledge and Innovation Management #KM http://km.techsparks.com/?p=282
Bangalore K-Community meetup, Oct 19: Knowledge and Innovation Management: Sustaining and Scaling Initiatives #KM http://km.techsparks.com/?p=282
fn Frederick Noronha  by MadanRao
Old Konkani saying: When you stop changing, you stop growing. (Original from Domnic PF Fernandes’ Dispott’ttem Chintop, Daily Thoughts)
fn Frederick Noronha  by MadanRao
Old Konkani saying: He who doesn’t look ahead, stays behind. (Original from Domnic PF Fernandes’ Dispott’ttem Chintop, Daily Thoughts)
JulianoGimenez Juliano Gimenez  by MadanRao
RT @euopeninnovatio: Open Innovation, Closed Innovation and Related Terms http://bit.ly/nqAlO2 #innovation
Alok Das on open #innovation in the air force http://bit.ly/nFskUi
Economist Innovation Awards 2011 http://www.economistconferences.co.uk/innovation/home
Diabetics Look to #Crowdsourcing For Better Medication http://bit.ly/nLYow6
US White House to #Crowdsource Ideas For Improving Websites http://bit.ly/oMxeF2
Dun & Bradstreet on the Value of Researched vs. Crowdsourced Data http://rww.to/qCElec
SocialAttire.com to Use #Crowdsourcing to Help Fledgling Fashion Designers http://bit.ly/mZElLr
#Lego makes #crowdsourcing platform global http://bit.ly/o7ri7o
#Crowdsourcing: In search of beautiful minds http://thetim.es/pdVxau
PC Magazine: The Wisdom of #Crowdsourcing http://tinyurl.com/6lbxxwh
#Crowdsourcing science: how gamers are changing scientific discovery http://bit.ly/piyDiq
99designs: #Crowdsourcing Design Site Launches in Canada http://tinyurl.com/5snaxlx
Googles Dead Sea Scrolls is latest #crowdsourcing project http://tinyurl.com/3btbmfs
Hatforce: #Crowdsourcing Meets Vulnerability Testing http://tinyurl.com/3z4m4oc
#YouTube launches Space Lab, the latest in #crowdsourcing academia http://wapo.st/n77l3k
How film-makers use #crowdsourcing http://bit.ly/q1TmHm
“A leap in the dark”: Guardian newspaper goes into #crowdsourcing news policy http://bit.ly/n4gLUz http://bit.ly/necQ1N http://tinyurl.com/5vhstct
Near-Earth Asteroid Discovered via #Crowdsourcing http://bit.ly/oBSOE1
Dennis Ritchie: Remembering Another Computing Genius (Unix, C) http://bit.ly/qmeMrP http://bit.ly/pOLuhX
Information Week: 10 Smart Enterprise Uses For #Twitter http://bit.ly/oXiOfk
#Twitter used as a tool to map epidemics http://bit.ly/qppBGd
ParnaSarkar Parna Sarkar-Basu  by MadanRao
RT @CommunispaceCEO: The Rise of Customer-Driven #Innovation http://mashable.com/2011/10/13/crowdsource-consumers/
Manthan 2011 Awards for best e-Content in South Asia: http://manthanAward.org An honour to be on the jury again!
RT @KumarSinha 450+ valid Nominations, 20+ Jurors, deliberating over the next two days.This @ManthanAward 2011 Grand Jury is a special one!
India winners of MAKE Asia awards: Infosys, L&T Hydrocarbon, MindTree, Tata Chemicals, TCS, Wipro Technologies #KM
MindTree Wins Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award for Fourth Consecutive Year #KM http://bit.ly/qSGWkj
The World’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 Global MAKE Finalists #KM http://bit.ly/mOS5p5
North America’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 North America MAKE Finalists #KM http://bit.ly/p95K2i
Iran’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 Iran MAKE Finalists #KM http://bit.ly/rdPEUW
Europe’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 Europe MAKE Finalists #KM http://bit.ly/r6v8NF
Asia’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 Asia MAKE Finalists #KM http://bit.ly/pbkK3Q
Indonesia’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises: 2011 Indonesian MAKE Winners #KM http://bit.ly/nzsVA6
#BASF experience of #innovation and research in China http://on.wsj.com/pVcd8n
Russian #startups in Moscow’s Skolkovo IT Cluster http://buswk.co/pVNSb2
Malaysia Star: The father of Post-it Notes, Geoffrey C. Nicholson, shares the #3M philosophy of #innovation http://bit.ly/pw6cDF
Steve Denning: We are in the The Great Disruption + The Big Shift http://onforb.es/pm2eyT
Haydn Shaughnessy on #innovation in harder times and in emerging economies http://onforb.es/oMelyH
“No dearth of technopreneurs, but funds and IP ownership lacking in Singapore” http://bit.ly/pT004h
RT @IndianProverbs “Listen to popular opinion but follow your own mind.” – Marathi proverb
MarketWatch: Perhaps a revisionist view of #SteveJobs will focus more on his shortcomings http://tinyurl.com/3jq8glq
lorievela Lorie Vela   by MadanRao
The “Big Five” IT trends of the next half decade http://owl.li/6Lquf #social #mobile #data #km
Content management and #KM in the insurance sector (KM World magazine) http://bit.ly/rk0tgD
Steve Denning: Can Higher Education Be Fixed? The Innovative University http://onforb.es/pXmNPS
CSC Receives ‘Best-Practice Partner’ Award for Knowledge Management from APQC http://bit.ly/rtd9bO #KM
Knowledge management in Australia: Parsons Brinckerhoff Asia Pacific wins actKMs Gold Award http://bit.ly/pEEwpv #KM
What would #SteveJobs have said about knowledge management and #innovation management? Bangalore K-Community will discuss on Oct 19 eve! #KM
Finalists for India’s NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards for 2011: Growth, #Innovation, Startups http://bit.ly/nwCwtA
Young Turks cashing in on Internet boom in India http://bit.ly/ni8Sqk
Mobile #innovations: annual and weekly awards http://www.ideasproject.com
#SteveJobs: “wired to a uniquely California culture, prizing intuition, creativity, community and risk-taking” http://huff.to/oG2Qtg
V. Sumantran on #innovation at Ashok-Leyland http://bit.ly/rgABLN
Cross-border #innovation networks: India, Chile http://bit.ly/nTFVoh
In Flip-Flops and Jeans, He’s the Unconventional Venture Capitalist http://goo.gl/oTGnl #startup #entrepreneur
“In a post #SteveJobs world, there is no longer an excuse for large corporations to be less bold than start-ups” http://bit.ly/nL6vgC
grazianig Gianni Graziani  by MadanRao
@GuyKawasaki: Pixar gang bids farewell to Steve Jobs http://is.gd/MQBNq3 #rememberingstevejobs #Stevejobs
Deron Kershaw: How Apple turned the fountain of US youth into a fountain of cash http://bit.ly/n9jnNH
DigitalTrends: “Without #SteveJobs, Im convinced that the phone industry would still be a complete mess right now” http://bit.ly/nobGyJ
#SteveJobs: legacy “the poetic aspect of the entire enterprise,” beyond commodity http://nyti.ms/nxP7FE
Justin Fenner on #SteveJobs and his black turtlenecks! http://bit.ly/r47hHf http://bit.ly/pxcIGl
Adel Zakout: Top 10 Tech Company Office Spaces http://huff.to/nn6ebM
Slate: Did Dropping Acid Make #SteveJobs More Creative? http://slate.me/pYbbly
Buzz and celebrity music stars: impacts on Apple iPod brand http://bit.ly/r13Wu7 #SteveJobs
USA Today on what brand values Apple must continue to focus on http://usat.ly/n35Voc #SteveJobs
Anne McIlory: The minds of creative geniuses, like #SteveJobs, remain a scientific mystery http://bit.ly/otNVX4
Nathaniel Borenstein (creator of the MIME e-mail standard) on #SteveJobs http://bit.ly/qImgdJ
Guardian on technology and human emotion: Why do some people really hate Apple? http://bit.ly/nxT0bC #SteveJobs
ashrafamr Amr Ashraf  by MadanRao
Steve Jobs saved technology from itself – CNN.com http://bit.ly/nPGZfE #cnn #stevejobs #technology #apple #mac #internet #computers #rip
#SteveJobs Impact on Asia’s Technology Industry: contract manufacturing jobs, design http://on.wsj.com/mVgyxc
Brian Ardinger, Digital Screenmedia Association, on #SteveJobs http://bit.ly/mPnX37
Even geniuses arent perfect: Apple products created under the direction of #SteveJobs that flopped http://nyp.st/nDrChF
Stewart Brand, Founder, Whole Earth Catalog, on #SteveJobs http://bit.ly/n2MSYa
#SteveJobs: Ad/Filmmaking Industry Reflections http://bit.ly/q5Djv1 “The Apple Store is probably the best ad Apple has ever done”
Horace Dediu: #SteveJobs brought engineering processes to works of creativity and the creative process to engineering http://bit.ly/rtA10Y
Tributes to #SteveJobs – but also critiques of proprietary systems http://bit.ly/qmknAv
Christian Lindholm: The design genius of #SteveJobs http://bit.ly/orjlVF
Profile of Auguste Rodin: “perhaps the most sensual of all sculptors” http://bit.ly/qTw0hQ
#SteveJobs design legacy more than just than a pretty phone: architecture, fashion http://bit.ly/onS8Vm
Joan Muller: How #SteveJobs changed the automobile industry http://onforb.es/oLSMTw
#SteveJobs in 1997-2011: design talents, software prowess, Asian manufacturing http://buswk.co/qgNwaU (Business Week)
Blair Leven: #SteveJobs: The Black Swan CEO http://politi.co/qIAKzL
#SteveJobs: His 10 Best Quotes about art and creativity (WPost) http://wapo.st/rls0II
“The most beautiful, marvellous creation on earth is not the computer, but the person using it” (Guardian) http://bit.ly/oyJsin #SteveJobs
Regional #innovation: #SteveJobs Is Part Of One Big San Francisco Bay Area Family http://bit.ly/ncyKyR
Next: Will #Apple and other companies be able to transform television? http://bit.ly/rcbH96 #SteveJobs
Global entrepreneurship: Singapore as a Chinese/Western hub http://bit.ly/pv9oAY
#ThankYouSteve: Twitter outpouring for #SteveJobs http://lat.ms/ooBazB http://cnet.co/qaXAxw
#SteveJobs: Mainstream culture + counter-culture http://nyti.ms/nqP8RF
mikejulietbravo Mike Briercliffe  by MadanRao
Tim Berners-Lee used a NeXT Computer in 1991 to create the first web browser and web server. #Stevejobs Source: Wikipedia
digimindci Digimind  by MadanRao
Fantastic re-working of the Apple logo by 19yr old in tribute to #stevejobs http://ow.ly/6P3jJ
dweinberger David Weinberger  by MadanRao
A no-BS, insightful, respectful obit by @dsearls of #stevejobs. http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/doc/2011/10/05 .
ZimmerJohn John Zimmer  by MadanRao
RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: A eulogy of action http://bit.ly/rjCyRe #SteveJobs
Always a terrific motivational speech: #SteveJobs Stanford commencement speech 2005 http://bit.ly/nPlSqR (video) http://bit.ly/ranmsJ (text)
More #SteveJobs tributes and insights http://bit.ly/mQmQfS http://bloom.bg/pt8aDf
“For the people’s obituary of #SteveJobs, look on #Twitter.” http://yhoo.it/nKp0XQ
Yunus_Centre Muhammad Yunus  by MadanRao
RIP #SteveJobs . You will be remembered as one of the most creative geniuses the world has ever seen. http://goo.gl/2lDgZ
MafazAlSuwaidan Mafaz Al-Suwaidan  by MadanRao
I am saddened by the death of every creative soul that has contributed to the advancement of humanity.. #SteveJobs you will not be forgotten
TelegraphNews Daily Telegraph News  by MadanRao
#SteveJobs great quotes: “I wish Bill Gates well… I only wish that he had dropped acid at some time.” http://tgr.ph/vtD4zY
billhicks_movie Paul & Matt  by MadanRao
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. – Arthur Schopenhauer #BillHicks #SteveJobs
More Steve Jobs tributes, from #TIME magazine to #Twitter http://ti.me/pVeMxg http://bit.ly/qSNw1q
mashable Pete Cashmore  by MadanRao
“Steve Jobs was the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison. He put the world at our fingertips ~ Steven Spielberg – http://on.mash.to/oc9CJF
More Jobs insights http://bit.ly/nGOXaI wapo.st/p7XM8R http://bit.ly/ruMcQQ http://bit.ly/pRLtuQ
More Jobs tributes bbc.in/pEMsYj http://huff.to/mQ8j6B http://wapo.st/omlr5i http://tgr.ph/mPb7Z0 http://cnet.co/nq7KQ5
HuffingtonPost Huffington Post  by MadanRao
Steve Jobs remembered through incredible mosaics http://huff.to/qGUCTQ
MikeBloomberg Mike Bloomberg  by MadanRao
Steve Jobs saw the future and brought it to life long before most people could even see the horizon http://bit.ly/nxI3N4
RT @IndianProverbs “He who does not fall does not rise.” – Hindi proverb
Quotes from late Apple founder Steve Jobs http://bit.ly/n6VQAH
RIP Steve Jobs http://bit.ly/o715O6 http://nyti.ms/pLhwUu http://bit.ly/pvTUM6 http://on.wsj.com/rihD0t http://on.msnbc.com/nIiPC8


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