September 2009 Tweets

September 2009 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author



“Reverse” innovations: from developing to developed countries, driven by gaps in income, infrastructure, sustainability

Innovation in the media sector, Innovation in emerging ecomomies (Kristen Blake) RT @Renee_Innosight

RT @chuckfrey Author Robert Shelton finds India to be a “monsoon” of innovation: Mobile startups, corporate research

The Innovation Economy: How wireless broadband promotes innovation in Trondheim, Norway Service testbed for startups

Centre for an Urban Future: Innovation Index for cities (PDF downloads) “Huge missed opportunity for New York” by univs

Knowledge management: Enterprise 2.0 tools capture knowledge more organically than 90s tools without formal focus on KM

Knowledge Management in Agri-biotech: 2009 conference, Bangkok Oct 1-2…

Albert: Thinkers in co-creation: Shirky, Leadbeater, Ramaswamy. Shared sense of purpose, diversity, feedback are success factors #PICNIC09

Albert: Boeing 787: suppliers innovated with Boeing; enforced by Boeing. Lego: design your own project, upload, winner gets 5% cut #PICNIC09

Albert @boswijkxp Co-creation is driven by globalisation, ambient media, connected supply chains. Dialogue, transparency are key #PICNIC09

Albert Boswij, European Centre for Experience Economy value creation, social innovation, co-creation #PICNIC09

Knowledge management, conversation, and Wiki usage in the US army:

@Gentry Underwood, Head of Knowledge Sharing, IDEO: our social impact group is active in the developing world #PICNIC09

“You can get good ideas for creativity, leadership, management from composers and resonance in music” Composer Itay Talgam #PICNIC09

Curriculum 2.0? Wiki for curriculum/textbook collaboration: (I first thought it was on Indian cooking!)

Knowledge management course at Copenhagen Business School Would love to coordinate with my course!

Innocentive: Finding “solvers” in the global online brain

Looking to tap innovators outside your organisation? Start a challenge! (Wired magazine)

Will Asia become the center for innovation in the 21st century? McKinsey debate (Iqbal Quadir, Robert Atkinson)

Pratt&Whitney CKO Kiho Sohn: knowledge management coach for AeroLeaders 2.0 (aerospace community)

Metrics revisited: how to measure impact of social networking habits on enterprise knowledge management, productivity

Study conducted on knowledge management practices in Malta companies, based on 21 knowledge oriented components

Innovation competitions and roadshows, Part II

Innovation competitions galore!

Crowdsourcing: applications, implications for knowledge management (“7 Cs” framework;app reviews)

Knowledge management in diplomacy: early initiatives in Malta, New Zealand

Knowledge Management for development: KM4Dev group “agri huddle” to be held Oct 6-8, Brussels RT @rsamii @gaurisalokhe

“Indian agriculture needs a jump in innovation, knowledge management via agroparks” – Dutch agri expert Peter Smeets

RT Can Twitter Serve as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool? Is its archival feature too primitive? @Think_Tech

Knowledge workers, KM-enabling tools: reviews and surveys by KM World magazine and GWU

Innovation in India: opinions, initiatives, awards

Knowledge Management 2.0? New approaches to innovation, social networks



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