August 09 Tweets

August 09 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author



“Indian immigrants to the US started more tech companies than counterparts from UK, China, Taiwan and Japan combined”

National innovation and cluster strategies for the Knowledge Society:

Putting the finishing touches to my 3-part course on Knowledge Management at ISIM this semester:  Come sign up!

New studies on offshoring and the “geography of knowledge”

Monthly meetings of KM practitioners are held in Bangalore and Melbourne

Knowledge Management initiatives to help reduce risk from disasters in the Philippines:

Innovation paths: centres, transitions, case studies

Social networking + knowledge management: views, methods

Browsing v/s “strategic” reading: scientists want to read, relate and annotate research articles

Emerging innovations in Silicon Valley

Event on collective intelligence, Web 2.0 and knowledge management to be held in Minnesota in September

Knowledge Management in Hong Kong: Government CIO office wins MAKE award

Knowledge Management picks up in the government/public sector: progress in the US and Abu Dhabi

Knowledge Management in Indonesia: Unilever Indonesia wins MAKE award, for learning systems

Siew Ning Kan on organisational and domestic knowledge communication complexities

Steve Ellis: KM should not be owned by HR (“fluffy bunnies”) or IT (“techno-fetishists” – brain pain guaranteed!)

Etienne Wenger on KM: importance of social artists, learning as activism+ mutual meaningfulness, knowing as an identity

Knowledge Management: KM Singapore 2009 kicks off, KM Excellence Awards announced:

More KM events in Asia: National Economic Research and Business Assistance Centre, Philippines

Knowledge for Development: Knowledge Management Africa network addresses role of science, engineering; gender

KM event in Bangalore next week  

Not the kind of innovations we would like to see: airport scams in Thailand

Am off to Bangkok to meet some “KM types.”Here are some KM links in Thailand

Has knowledge management become its own silo in academia?

Here are some job announcements in knowledge management  Knowledge workers of the world unite! :-)

Speaking of the moon, here’s a piece on knowledge management at NASA:

Knowledge management: “Middle Path” strategy

Knowledge management conference in Malibu: but I can’t be in two places at the same time!

Provocative piece: knowledge & development:




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