December 2010 Tweets

December 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author



New word I picked up today from Frederik Haren’s book: “Newledge” – knowledge about the new!

Great book I just finished on global innovation: Frederik Haren’s “The Developing World” (name could be better!)

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#KM session wraps up, I present #Titan with my new book on Indian Proverbs (@IndianProverbs) :-)

#SocialMedia + ERP = Increased Focus, Knowledge Retention  (Network World)

#Wikipedia celebrates 10 years as an unrivalled source of knowledge  (The Independent)

Bangalore K-Community meet tomorrow: Case Study of Knowledge Management at Titan Industries  #KM

HP: “India lab is leading our big bet on the Internet”

List of #Manthan e-Content Awards 2010: South Asia winners  (finalists: See you all in 2011!

List of #Manthan 2010 finalists

And now the #Manthan Awards Gala — looking forward to compering it again this year! #Manthan #ISOC

Hear hear! RT @misskaul: amazing day interviewing ICT entrepreneurs, all have such innovative helpful projects. very humbling! #manthan

Rousing applause for Magsaysay Award Winner Mahabir Pun (“Nobel Prize of Asia”) #Manthan #ISOC

Pun: Please see  #Manthan #ISOC

Pun: Last mile to mountainous villages has to be wireless #Manthan #ISOC

Mahabir Pun, Nepal Wireless: Grew up in a village, studied in the US, came back to do community development and teaching #Manthan #ISOC

Osama Manzar : #Manthan now has built up a database of 2,000 #ICT4D innovations over the past seven years of awards  

Book review: “Innovation: Myths and Mythstakes” by Tim Coffey, Dave Siegel, Mark Smith

“An idea to make the world a better place” – Dell Social Innovation Competition

Global innovation race: confidence in Asia

O’Reilly, Tushman: 10 Tensions in Innovation

“Inspired Innovation” – profile of 3M

Summaries of MAKE 2010 Award winners: India, Asia, North America, Europe, Global  #KM

Mukul Asher: “Indian organisations need to focus on knowledge & its management”

United Nations World Tourism Organisation to hold conference on #KM for the world tourism industry

Bangalore K-Community: Case Study of #KM at Titan Industries. Dec 22, 6-8 pm  See you all there!

@vernaallee: Here’s my wrapup of #KMindia 2010:  Your keynotes were great, thanks! #KM

You are always welcome, see you again soon! @vernaallee: Had a great time in Bangalore. Special thanks to @MadanRao and parents for lunch!

RT @IndianProverbs “Learning is as hard to digest as iron.” – Hindustani proverb

RT @IndianProverbs “Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain.” – S. Radhakrishnan

Over and out, back to Bangalore traffic now! See you all at #KMindia 2011… :-)

Kar jokes: Why does India not have a good football team? Because when there is a corner they would rather open a corner shop! #KMindia

Kar: The next Nokia will come from India. Innovations here – dual SIM card, cost-effective manufacturing #KMindia

Anil: Clean up your water, less kids will miss school due to diarrhoea #KMindia

Anil: China is centralised and ageing, India is more innovative (“missed calls”) and young – but don’t get too complacent #KMindia

Anil: China is building high speed trains to cities that don’t even exist yet #KMindia

Anil: China is building 200 cities of million+ people in 10 years. #KMindia

Anil: China is far ahead of India in digital infrastructure. The city of Dalian wants to target and overtake Bangalore. #KMindia

Anil: Don’t just look at bottom of pyramid — look at their children too. Use ICTs to take knowledge to rural areas #KMindia

Anil: India has 100s of millions of people without education. Huge knowledge loss/gap #KMindia

Anil: Massive urbanisation is a global trend in the next 10 years: 100s of millions of people will move to cities. #KMindia

Me: How does Cisco see China’s knowledge edge as compared to India? How can India and China use cloud as knowledge infrastructure? #KMindia

Kar: The future is in creating knowledge and value one experience at a time. Need realtime anlaytics for customers, employees #KMindia

Kar: Digital interactions are the new building blocks of knowledge creation. Challenge: we create knowledge anytime, on mobiles #KMindia

Pradeep Kar shows Dilbert cartoon on cloud computing! “Store your ideas in a cloud and then meditate!” #KMindia

Pradeep Kar, Microland: The only thing harder than speaking in front of a professor is to speak in front of two professsors! #KMindia

Anil: The moment you try to protect your knowledge, you take your eyes off the success imperative and focus on knowledge systems #KMindia

Anil: I worked for IBM, then Cisco, who I help to understand emerging markets where the real growth and innovation will be #KMindia

Anil: As a Sony Fellow, I learnt how Sony valued its people as trade secrets, not assembly lines. Cultures of knowledge are key #KMindia

Anil: Information can be misused in an organisation for political purposes #KMindia

Anil: Third kind of knowledge is conceptual/framework knowledge – it defines what your options are. But how do you measure it? #KMindia

Anil: CEOs need theoretical frameworks more than academics do. CEOs are starving for meaningful theory #KMindia

Anil: Symbolic, instrumental kinds of knowledge. Academics are not interested in middle managers. Senior managers need frameworks #KMindia

Anil: I measure how companies use knowledge. Companies hire consultants to tell them what they already know! <Applause> #KMindia

Anil: IBM was most profitable in 1991 – then went bankrupt in 1992. Hard to manage transitions in economy #KMindia

Anil: In 1986 Digital was the most admired corporation in the US, Ken Olson was the most admired leader. In 1992 it was acquired #KMindia

Anil: I had two PhDs – statistics, and knowledge management. Applause and confusion in the audience! #KMindia

Anil Menon, President, Globalisation and Smart Connected Communities, Cisco: jokes that he was an academic first #KMindia

S. Sadagopan: Cisco has acknowledged India’s knowledge advantage, it has its second global HQ here in Bangalore #KMindia

Do you drool over bald men too? :-) @Feisty_Ta: Anil Menon from Cisco is that good-looking salt pepper hair dude! #KMIndia

Sadagopan: Knowledge gives you the power to reinvent yourself #KMindia

Sadagopan: Story of India = devotees of Saraswati + devotees of Lakshmi! #KMindia

Hear hear! S. Sadagopan: I am impressed with high attendance even late on a Saturday afternoon! #KMindia

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Last panel coming up now at #KMindia, with my ex-bosses S.Sadagopan (IIIT-B) and Pradeep Kar (Microland)!

Verna Allee: Also see  #KMindia

Allee: Also see  - our new book will be there #KMindia

Allee: Social media analysis does not give you value network analysis #KMindia

Allee: “Intended consequences may or may not happen; the unintended consequences always do.” – Dee Hoc #KMindia

Verna: Value networks for Regional innovation = R&D + community building + market validation + commercialisation #KMindia

Verna: Other applications of value network analysis: regional innovation in Europe; global activist networks #KMindia

Verna showing example of value network analysis to model customer service ticket escalation and resolution #KMindia

Verna gives case studies of Value Network Analysis at Boeing, Kimberly Clark, Mayo Clinic #KMindia

Welcome – that’s the first edition, please buy the second!! ;-) @Feisty_Ta: So @MadanRao gave me his book – Pearls of Wisdom

Verna: Focus on roles, not job titles. Spend some time differentiating between tangibles and intangibles in your deliverables #KMindia

Verna: Organisational agility needs renewal and re-creation. Good example: people taking on different roles during disaster relief #KMindia

Verna regales audience with possibility of drawing a “living system” graph of Bangalore traffic! #KMindia

Verna: A social network is a social network – people participate in them for individual purposes. Don’t overkill for “value” #KMindia

Verna Allee on creating agility with networks: social graphing is a good start #KMindia

Coffee break chatter: some of us are going to the jazz festival in Chowdiah this Sat/Sun – join us!  #KMindia

Sivaguru: We have a hybrid wiki, a wiki with some structure on top of it. Rajashree: Use wiki to cluster collective wisdom #KMindia

Rajashree: Think of social design from the ground up, not just social layers #KMindia

Q: Current companies add social layers on top of business systems — future companies can get it right first time round? #KMindia

Rajashree: What may be data to you today may be knowledge tomorrow; context is key #KMindia

Rajashree: Our #KM journey over the last four years has been written up in a number of books #KMindia

Rajashree: Our measures of success at Cognizant: engaged associates, knowledge enablement, continuous improvement, innovation #KMindia

Rajashree: The ultimate mashup = personal + professional life #KMindia

Rajashree: Older generation used to differentiate between task and personal — younger generation integrate everything naturally #KMindia

Rajashree: Your collaboration graph should be more than X + Y axes #KMindia

WOW, bravo! RT @nsridharan: @MadanRao @N_Rajashree we changed it to Knowember :) #KMindia

Rajashree: Need to observe how people work socially. Blog platform is the most popular in Cognizant #KMindia

Rajashree: Task environment should not be a tasking experience! #KMindia

Rajashree: Nothing works unless the users want it to work and use it. User’s experience is critical #KMindia

RT @saikrishna_rao: Rajashree: knowledge creation is a distributed function. it should remain that way. #km #Kmindia

Rajashree: Cognizant 2.0 model of #KM: Long tail KM, Mega Collaboration, Real time ops, Active process guidance #KMindia

Rajashree shows awesome Zen duality diagram of knowledge. Structured + unstructured. Duality is reality #KMindia

Knovember? ;-) Rajashree: November is K-November – knowledge month #KMindia

Rajashree: Culture of participation – go to whichever social media people are comfortable in participating (eg not all like FB) #KMindia

Rajashree: “Seek and Ye Shall Find” – encourage knowledge seeking behaviours. Use “Router Model” – don’t centralise #KMindia

Rajashree: Our challenges: silos, disjointed communication between global teams, doc overload #KMindia

Rajashree: Our challenges: NIH syndrome, 1% rule (few think they have something to contribute or are good writers) #KMindia

Rajashree: Company started in 1994. Now 100K+ employees. Each is an asset. Need more than just process quality for #KM #KMindia

Rajashree Natarajan, #KM VP, Cognizant; Lead of Cognizant 2.0 initiative: says it is hard to present yet another case study now! #KMindia

Sivaguru: Data and networks need to persist with context. We also have an “empowered individual model” #KMindia

Yes @padma8376 – we need a Koffee break! #KMindia

Sivaguru: We are now in the era of Everything 2.0 #KMindia

S. Sivaguru, HCL: Our organisation dos not have a hierarchy but a wirearchy #KMindia

The Knowledge Movement: If your city does not have a K-Community chapter, please form one and sign up on !!! #KMindia

Terrific to meet organisers of Mumbai K-Community (Alak), Chennai K-Community (Cynthia) as well! #KMindia

Up next: panel on Resilient Enterprise. But where is the coffee?! ;-) #KMindia

More blogposts from #KMindia 2009 last year  #KM

My blogposts from #KMindia 2009 last year  #KM

Q: How to integrate external social networks into internal flows, or launch corporate channels on external social media? #KMindia

My previous K-Community blogposts:  #KMindia

Dinesh: Orgs need resilience which can come only from adaptive work environments, sociotech systems #KMindia

Knowledge mobilisation: Dinesh: Social networks should be accessible on the go #KMindia

Dinesh: Employee social networks must integrate info from outside and inside enterprise #KMindia

Dinesh: Social media help you tap into “activity streams” of peers and colleagues (who knows who/what) #KMindia

Dinesh: Organisations tend to move towards “one big bucket” approach for knowledge assets #KMindia

Dinesh: Walkthrough of SocioTech Ecosystem: search, collaboration, organisation, tagging, company-wide views #KMindia

Dinesh: Social software keeps complexity in the social network, and not try to extract it into software #KMindia

Dinesh: Socio-tech systems in “adaptive work environments” help innovate, improve efficiency, improve customer intimacy #KMindia

Dinesh: Just trying to replicate a Facebook in your organisation is not enough. #KMindia

“Knowledge Ninja” = Kninja? :-) #KMindia

RT @ Feisty_Ta: Dinesh Tantri’s title is ‘Knowledge Ninja’ #KMIndia

Dinesh: Respect, humility, passion and being comfortable with ambiguity are core cultural values for #KM #KMindia

Dinesh: Make work as observable as possible. Documentation is not a substitute for interaction #KMindia

Dinesh: KM and social networking + set of principles, practices, socio-technical systems will deliver competitive advantage #KMindia

Up next: Dinesh Tantri, Head of Knowledge Strategy, Thoughtworks (also core group member of Bangalore K-Community) #KMindia

Good case studies at #KMindia. On Dec 22 our Bangalore K-Community will feature the case study of #KM at Titan

Hear hear! RT @Feisty_Ta: Waiting to hear Dinesh Tantri, ThoughtWorks.. Young dude but appears to be focused. #KMIndia

Nirmala: No presentation is complete without a Dilbert cartoon! #KMindia

Nirmala: #KM advice – pitch your KM tools/portal as a reliable way of getting information/answers/people #KMindia

Nirmala: Our K-Book initiative started in the Asia-Pacific region, rolling out to other regions now #KMindia

Lunchtime chatter (proverb): “Eat only as much as the size of your plate” #KMindia ;-)

Lunchtime chatter: We need a directory of all Indian organisations doing #KM #KMindia

Nirmala: K-Book on #KM portal has personal tags – info, interaction, discovery, dashboard #KMindia

Nirmala: #KM = trigger + key + glue (more metaphors!) #KMindia

 (Dan Tapscott) RT @Feisty_Ta: Nirmala: “The FB generation will wipe out the Command control in Information and Business.” #KMIndia

Nirmala: Oracle’s #KM framework is called S M I L E #KMindia

Nirmala: We have so many #KM initiatives at Oracle that we need KM for KM! #KMindia

Nirmala: Social networks help reinforce organisational culture and values #KMindia

Nirmala cites Allee’s work on value networks and importance of social intangibles #KMindia

Nirmala: Cites blog of “Three Cs” in people’s social network profiles: consuming, contributing, connecting #KMindia

Nirmala Palaniappan, Oracle now has to keep audience awake after humongous lunch buffet with awesome desserts… ;-) #KMindia

Nirmala: Food metaphors for #KM: food court, consumer ratings, friends recommendations #KMindia

Miller: dharma=stakeholder; renewal=arta; leadership=kama; human=moksha #KMindia

Miller: Goals of life – dharma, artha, kama, moksha. Need balance #KMindia

Miller: My wife and I have lived in India for 11+ years, we love it here! #KMindia

Miller: 5 kinds of intellectual capital: renewal, process, human, leadership, stakeholder #KMindia

Miller tracing values of knowledge movement in India from business/political/spiritual leaders #KMindia

Gentle reminder about “infrastructure” – power keeps going in the #KMindia conference hotel… :-(

Miller: Creativity, integrity, global thinking are key for sustainable innovation #KMindia

William Miller, Values Centred Innovation Enablement: Address the values and meaning of why you do #KM, why you are alive #KMindia

Thanks again Ron for citing from my book! @IndianProverbs #KMindia #KM

Ron: “Think of yourself as if you were the only unenlightened person in the world. Everyone else is your teacher.” – Buddha #KMindia

Ron: “One’s knowledge is only a handful of sand, there is still an ocean of knowledge to learn.” – Tamil proverb #KMindia

Ron: Can India lead the world into the next dimension of #KM? Exploring knowledge within #KMindia

Ron: NASA has a 25-year #KM roadmap – goes into intergalactic KM! #KMindia

Ron: Worker productivity increased 50-fold in 20th century. Can knowledge worker productivity increase that much this century? #KMindia

Ron: Some people think that #KM is dead – it has yet to begin! #KMindia

Ron: #KM is for everyone! It has got to be fun and enjoyable as well. Apple as a “Director of Fun!” #KMindia

Ron: Facebook is now the digital passport – it can authenticate people via their friends better than security firms can! #KMindia

Ron: Organisations used to drive #KM; now individuals using Web tools are placing demands on their organisations for better #KM #KMindia

Ron: Effective personal knowledge management is the most critical skill of the 21st century #KMindia #KM

Thanks, had an Internet connection problem! @saikrishna_rao: Ah, @MadanRao is back. now i can take a long break from Tweeting! Z #KMindia

Ron: #KM resources from Asian Productivity Organisation  #KMindia

Ron shows Asian Productivity Organisation’s #KM framework and four books #KMindia

Ron: “Lessons Identified” is a better term for good practices than “Lessons Learned” – they have to be internalised #KMindia

Ron: #KM in UK: British Standards Institute published a Guide to Good Practices (good ones can be improved!) #KMindia

Ron: #KM infrastructure has addressed stocks. Knowledge flows: personal, team, organisation, inter-organisational #KMindia

Ron cites from his earlier book, “Knowledge Asset Management.” Addresses interdependent stocks & flows of knowledge #KMindia

Ron explaining how #KM and innovation studies can learn from quantum science #KMindia

Thanks Ron for mentioning my “Indian Proverbs” book! @IndianProverbs #KMindia

Ron: We are now in an age of interdependence and interconnectedness #KMindia

Ron: “If it is man’s privilege to be independent, it is equally his duty to be interdependent.”- Mahatma Gandhi #KMindia

Ron: My association with India has helped my thinking about #KM. I started off wanting to be a yoga teacher, read Indian scriptures #KMindia

Ron: I started Knowledge Associates in 1994 in Cambridge. I liked my CKO title – till one day met a “Chief Wisdom Officer” in US! #KMindia

Ron Young, CKO, Knowledge Associates: I have learnt so much from the speakers at #KMindia

Coffeetime: attendees crowd around Trivedi, much hope expressed that Indian government can improve at central/state levels #KMindia

Q: Leadership change in government may hinder continuity of #KM #KMindia

Hear hear! Trivedi: Civil Services Bill has agreed to have a CKO for the gov of India to bridge silos #KMindia

Trivedi: Graph: effort v/s perception of #KM in OECD countries. France, Canada, Sweden rank well. Finance, trade ministries do well #KMindia

Trivedi: Many gov KM heads are not aware of how much budget they will get #KMindia

Trivedi: Half of surveyed OECD govt depts have #KM with CKOs, the rest in three years #KMindia

Trivedi: #KM Survey in OECD countries: Cultural changes are taking place, but overall outcomes till now are low #KMindia

Trivedi: In many countries governments are the last to adopt new management reforms #KMindia

Trivedi regales audience with joke of how many ways you can measure the height of a building using a barometer! #KMindia

Trivedi: gov needs to work on performance incentives, evaluation, IS #KMindia

Trivedi: Al Gore – gov needs to move from red tape to results #KMindia

Trivedi recommends David Osborne books: Banishing Bureaucracy; The Reinventor’s Fieldbook. Also “Yes Minister!” #KMindia

Trivedi: If you can’t recognise failure you can’t correct it #KMindia

Trivedi: Indian gov agencies need surgery, not just band aid. 80% systems, 20% people. Bad gov is a risk to good business #KMindia

Prajapati Trivedi, Secretary, Performance Management, Gov of India: Gov agencies suffer from performance deficit #KMindia

Siemens wins MAKE Europe 2010 award  #KM #KMindia

MAKE India 2010 winners: list, citations  #KM #KMIndia

RT @IndianProverbs “The one who teaches is the giver of eyes.” – Tamil proverb (thought for the day for #KMindia!)

See you all tomorrow for Day Two, #KMindia !!!  #KM

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And now: speed geeking with MAKE India 2010 award winners! Followed by dinner – and then traffic jams of Bangalore ;-) #KMindia

Verna: #KM has been visible a lot in IT, but they are believers in KM and their products are often in intangibles #KMindia

Verna: #KM’s contribution has been in changing people’s mindsets and expectations when they come to work, for collaboration #KMindia

Verna: #KM has helped us move beyond a training perspective to a learning perspective #KMindia

Jagdish: Seamlessness does not come from portals, but time, trust, understanding between people for #KM #KMindia

Jagdish: Another challenge – translating knowledge across the linguistic barriers of organisations, countries #KMindia

Jagdish: CFO will definitely ask #KM team what they have delivered to the bottom line of the company #KMindia

Q: Has #KM delivered much in India beyond IT sector, customer-centric orgs? May not apply to scientists – more wary of sharing #KMindia

TCS: #KM as a movement has just started to move. #KMindia

TCS: #KM helped create a sense of one-ness in our huge organisation, even for employees who have just joined the company #KMindia

TCS: Without #KM we cannot run the company. It brought people together, helps them participate actively in running the organisation #KMindia

TCS: #KM has definitely delivered for us across our multiple centres/countries. How else can we connect them? #KMindia

Me: Has #KM become a commodity for corporate achievers? MAKE winners don’t have that much differentiation in their KM initiatives #KMindia

Q: What would a dialogue about #KM assessment between a CKO and CFO sound like? #KMindia

Verna: #KM no longer perserve of MNCs as in the 1990s — now NGOs, SMEs, government agencies too #KMindia

Verna: Costs of technologies for #KM have dropped dramatically: global collaboration platforms, for free #KMindia

Verna: #KM has received a boost from IT, Internet – every Netizen can contribute to the knowledge movement, unlike earlier eras #KMIndia

Verna: #KM focus was initially not on monetary metrics, but on long term foundations of success for productivity and innovation #KMindia

Jagdish: #KM metrics have focused more on use of knowledge assets, less on creation of knowledge assets and their contributions #KMindia

Debate: Has #KM delivered on its promises? Verna Allee v/s Jagdish Ramaswamy #KMindia

MAKE India Award winners 2010: EurekaForbes, Infosys, L&T Construction, Tata Steel, TCS, Wipro Technologies, MindTree #KMindia #KM

And now: MAKE India awards winners !!! #KMindia

Wow, a standing ovation for Vinita Bali, bravo! #KMindia

Vinita: Difference between knowledge and habit/faith. Cigarette warnings/info aren’t enough to dissuade smokers #KMindia

Vinita: Look beyond boundaries, see them as horizons. You can never know all that you want to know #KMindia

Q: What does #KM success look like? Vinita: There is no fixed end state, knowledge is dynamic; horizons change #KMindia

Vinita poking fun at definitions of “reuse” of knowledge – let’s avoid misuse, overuse, abuse of knowledge! #KMindia

RT @IndianProverbs “Experience is as important for knowledge as education.” – Tamil proverb #KMindia

RT @saikrishna_rao: #kmindia vinita bali the track record of successful #innovation for consumer companies is one in ten #km

Q: How do we apply #KM concepts to Indian forms of medicine? To yoga? #KMindia

Yes, we are trying to do the same at the Indian Music Experience!  (signed on as research director last month!) #KMindia

Vinita: There are people now trying to codify the knowledge of Indian classical music #KMindia

RT @Feisty_Ta: Listening to Vinita Bali #britannia … Always thought of her as brilliant.. Also same college alumni thingi. #KMIndia

Cheers and thanks! RT @Feisty_Ta: #nowfollowing @madanrao just met him at #kmIndia and loved the enthusiasm

Malladi: Message – Be the leader or first follower in a dance! #KMindia

Malladi: “Leadership by dancing” – if I switch on music, 2 people in this audience will dance right away, all the rest in an hour! #KMindia

Q: How to classify people by collaborative behaviours, and encourage greater organisational collaboration? Some do so naturally #KMindia

Allee: Managers don’t thank their employees enough. Give them a sense of achievement #KMindia

Me: I agree; I train #KM facilitators to act like DJs! #KMindia

Allee: #KM initiatives are promoting conversation; next step: improve the quality of the conversations #KMindia

Allee: Intel coached employees in better conversation, dialogue – and brought out one of their chips a year ahead of schedule #KMindia

Malladi: How to increase user adoption: learning roadmap, customise, show metrics, put user at centre #KMindia

Devendra Malladi, SAP India: Stages of user adoption: change, effectivenesss, efficiency (with own enhancements) #KMindia

Allee: Rob Cross’s book on Hidden Power of Social Networks is terrific reading  #KMindia

Allee shows social networks of who is dating who in school! Also: network-centricity of portals, search #KMindia

Allee: How to model work? Beyond production lines, process flow, game boards, social networks #KMindia

Allee: Social media and networks are changing conversations+work. See #KMindia

Allee: Recalling when new ideas were new – process engineering, teams, coaching #KMindia

Allee: If #KM is the answer, what is the question? Innovation? Cooperation? Collaboration? #KMindia

Allee: Challenge – to move knowledge upwards to decision makers, not just top-down or laterally #KMindia

Allee: The most basic knowledge process is also the most ignored: conversation! #KMindia

Allee: People’s personal sense of identity is beginning to shift. No longer just functional unit #KMindia

Allee: Human interactions and social reputation are indicators of success #KMindia

Allee: Business gains happen not just because of performance but value networks: business relationships #KMindia

Allee: Roots of #KM movement: learning organisation, intellectual capital, knowledge repositories, CoPs, #SocialMedia #KMindia

Thanks! RT @bridgetmck: Enjoying tweets by @MadanRao on how KM has to be more human, cultural, interdisciplinary #KMindia

Allee: “The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind” (Winston Churchill) #KMindia

Verna Allee : I was first here in Bangalore in 1998! Back then I showed a slide on Machu Pichu; old knowledge #KMindia

Awesome conference, but such insipid elevator music in the breaks! Must take over as DJ next time…. ;-) #KMindia

Coffee time chatter: @VernaAllee is coming out with a new book on Value Creation, in January. Congrats! #KMindia

Q on IP. Sandhya: Companies should not obsess about IP even before they create IP! #KMindia

JK: 90% of our employees are below the age of 25. I don’t understand how they use words like “whatever” ! #KMindia

Q: The US has clear demarcations of babyboomers, GenX, GenY, etc. These don’t apply well to other parts of the world #KMindia

JK: I look forward to a new era with a more holistic appreciation of knowledge and humanity #KMindia

JK: Emotions such as feelings, affection are not discussed much in #KM #KMindia

JK: Culture as a unifying idiom is critical for #KM #KMindia

JK showing stats of college educated workers across US, Europe, Japan, India #KMindia

JK: The world will not be flat, there will be hierarchies based on expertise #KMindia

JK: Challenge in #KM metrics – proving causality rather than just correlation #KMindia

JK: Elements of #KM strategy at Infosys: evolution, non-intrusion, empowerment #KMindia

JK makes a plea to organisations to understand human dimensions of #KM; multipdisciplinary aspects of knowledge #KMindia

JK: Need to move from legacy groupings to Knowledge grouping and hybrid grouping #KMindia

JK: Key challenges for organisations: mobilisation of knowledge and resources, across social and cognitive distances #KMindia

JK shows cool video of collapsible/foldable/luggable car of the future. SciFi or reality soon? #Kmindia

JK: Look at all the products around us, eg. cars, how complex they have become over the past two decades. See how youth use ICTs #KMindia

JK: Organisational complexity mandates knowledge infusion. Stocks and flows of knowledge assume predominant status #KMindia

Always a pleasure to hear JK Suresh, a true philosopher of knowledge plus a practitioner of #KM! #KMindia

RT @maverickwoman: (My experience too!) RT @MadanRao: India’s advantage – we are not a knowledge-hoarding culture #KMindia

JK: Next orbit of #KM will come from understanding the nature of experience – Leibnitzian world #KMindia

JK: We have to get out of the comfort zone that #KM has gotten into #KMindia

JK: Notions of objects and forces have been challenged. Need new imagination of the world #KMindia

JK: India’s GDP share in the world was 24%; UK was 2%. Colonial rule reversed that ratio. #KMindia

JK tracing historical trends such as rise and fall of Spain as a colonial power; limits of Newtonian universe #KMindia

JK: People tend to talk about #KM in far too glib a manner these days. #KMindia

JK: We now have to address some of the problems facing the field of #KM over the last decade #KMindia

JK Suresh, Principal Knowledge Manager, Infosys: #KM as a field is now between a hard place and a rock #KMindia

Sandhya: India needs more conducive innovation ecosystems across the board #KMindia

Sandhya: But you have to have a method to the madness, not just chaos. The environment and landscape of innovation have changed #KMindia

Sandhya: India’s advantage – we are not a knowledge-hoarding culture. It is in our DNA to share knowledge. #KMindia

Sandhya: Structure is an important player of knowledge behaviours. We have discussion rooms and whiteboards all over our tech park #KMindia

Sandhya: Community advantage in tech parks – the “luster of clusters” #KMindia

Sandhya: The open innovation entreprise needs to understand facilitation, cross-domain expertise, external knowledge repositories #KMindia

Sandhya: Other #KM clusters/networking are promoted by industry lobbies like NASSCOM, CII in India #KMindia

Sandhya: Students are less risk-averse than employees! #KMindia

Sandhya: Collocation with value creation partners can facilitate innovation in tech parks #KMindia

Sandhya: IIT Madras Research Park is one of the first in India to be headed by an academic research institution. #KMindia

Sandhya: Indian companies did not have these open innovation networks, need to create the open enterprise now #KMindia

Sandhya: Organisations are moving away from insular mode to networked modes of value generation #KMindia

Sandhya: There is a strong correlation between the #KM and innovation abilities of an organisation #KMindia

Sandhya: Innovation is no longer the preserve of technocratic elites. This is the age of mass innovation #KMindia

RT @saikrishna_rao: #Kmindia ved quoted tom davenport’s blog: “If only BP knew now what it knew then” #km

Sandhya: How can research parks and enterprises plug into the new global innovation system, especially during a recession? #KMindia

Up next: Sandhya Shekhar, co-author of first #KM book from India (with Ganesh Natrajan), now CEO of IIT Madras Research Park #KMindia

Ved: BP had good #KM in the 1990s, then mantra became cost-cutting. And then the oil spill disaster. (blog by Tom Davenport) #KMindia

Ved presenting a range of statistical data on #KM impacts in Wipro. Submitted to Harvard Business School also for a research paper #KMindia

Ved: Reusable components: code, frameworks, templates. Leads to higher productivity, better quality #KMindia

Ved: We started off with #KM as a pilot in a few projects; now it is mandatory across projects #KMindia

Ved: #KM benefits: faster on-boarding in projects. Come up to speed in productivity ASAP; getting the right mentors and networks #KMindia

Ved: Time saved last year = equivalent of 100s of millions of dollars #KMindia

Ved: Portal governance helps ensure quality and usefulness of documents #KMindia

Ved: #KM metrics: portal traffic, doc views; tacit knowledge exchange forums. #KM needed due to high organisational churn #KMindia

Ved: #KM Dashboard – based on balanced scorecard with comprehensive indices. Compare across different business units #KMindia

Ved: #KM metrics: activity measures, outcome measures; effectiveness surveys; correlation studies #KMindia

Ved: Benefits of #KM: operational effectiveness, productivity improvement, accelerated innovation cycle, higher employee motivation #KMindia

Ved Prakash, CKO, Wipro Global IT Business: We launched our #KM initiative in 1999, sponsored by our chairman Azim Premji #KMindia

MP Singh, Asian Instt of Mgmt Alumni Association: AIM, Manila is regarded as the Harvard of the East  #KMindia

RT @VMaryAbraham: A Knowledge Management Conference that Actually Used #KM Principles  (blog by Nancy Dixon)

The knowledge movement: RT @johngirard Planning #KM workshops in Oman in Jan. Both will be based on our book “A Leader’s Guide to KM”

Q: How big is the #KM industry in India? Ashok Soota: Hard to put a number on it, how to measure it? #KMindia

Mobile phones ringing all around, “knowledge mobilisation” happening on a big scale… ;-) #KMindia

Uppal: Not all share that cultural view! But yes a good #KM culture takes a lot of nurturing #KMindia

Q: Will “chalta hai” attitude in India get in the way of scaling and sustaining #KM? #KMindia

Nayar: #KM gives you sustained competitive advantage #KMindia

Nayar: We have invested in Cafe Coffee Day. I hope they can take on Starbucks with their success and innovation! #KMindia

Nayar: My current firm KKR is less structured than Citi. #KM focus: risk management, taking Indian entrepreneurs global #KMindia

Nayar: #KM in global firms also requires political re-design #KMindia

Nayar: Knowledge flows require transferability, scale — and global flows can be quite political in nature #KMindia

Sanjay Nair, CEO, Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts: When I was in Citi, we tapped India as a source of innovation on a global level #KMindia

Uppal: #KM is all about bringing about a change in attitude, culture, work organisation #KMindia

Uppal: We have used #KM for 5+ years. More Indian organisations need to launch KM gameplans, strategies #KMindia

Uppal: We have used #KM in the largest construction projects in India. Projects + R&D lab (materials, including industrial waste) #KMindia

Ravi Uppal, CEO, L&T Power: #KM has helped improve our productivity. Advice: take a long-term view #KMindia

My blogpost: Knowledge Sharing at Events: Top Fifteen Twitter Tips (starting with WiFi!)  #KMindia

RT @saikrishna_rao: #Kmindia Ashok Soota: km’s true potential yet to be unlocked, human centricity is critical to km for longevity

Strange, a #KM conference with no free WiFi! Long live data modems… :-) #KMIndia

More blogposts from #KMindia 2009 last year  #KM

My blogposts from #KMindia 2009 last year  #KM

Looking forward to the #KMindia conference in Bangalore today!

Welcome to Bangalore, see you soon!! RT @ronyoung: Working in Delhi and #KMindia in Bangalore this week. In Taiwan next week

RT @IndianProverbs “Wisdom is the daughter of old age.” – Hindi proverb

RT @IndianProverbs “Experience is as important for knowledge as education.” – Tamil proverb

Terrific book on my reading list: “Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds,” by Richard Watson

Welcome to Bangalore, see you at KMindia tomorrow! @VernaAllee Getting settled in in Bangalore. Appreciating the lushness & pleasant weather

Trends in “social business intelligence” (SBI) in 2010, 2011

Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2011 and Beyond


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