October 2010 Tweets

October 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l




Conference: Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning, Hong Kong: Nov 11-12 http://bit.ly/9epePJ  #KM

RT @IndianProverbs “Speak the truth – but speak it palatably.” – Sanskrit proverb

From “Search Engine Optimisation” to “Social Media Optimisation” http://t.co/AG1QD8L  via @bleuguy @paidContent

Event managers and PR teams, please check out my blogpost on knowledge sharing at events and Twitter! http://km.techsparks.com/?p=42  #MediaChina

Google algorithms now co-exist with “social algorithms” #MediaChina

RT @DavidGurteen The soft stuff is the hard stuff http://bit.ly/bVDOwx  Relationships, communication, technology

Knowledge Management: #KM India conference to be held in Bangalore, Dec 3-4 www.kmindia.in

See my #KM India 2009 blogposts at http://km.techsparks.com/?p=63 http://km.techsparks.com/?p=60

See my #KM Asia 2009 blogposts at http://km.techsparks.com/?p=77 http://km.techsparks.com/?p=72

Portable tablets and the future of reading http://bit.ly/9kRBf5  http://bit.ly/aObD2e  http://bit.ly/bCvJYI 

What an honour to sign on as research director for the first ever Indian Music Experience Museum !!! http://bit.ly/bVMlrL  Coming in 2012 !!!

RT @IndianProverbs “Studying is sweat, but knowledge is sweet.” – Tamil proverb #KM

Wipro wins annual Asian MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Award for the 8th time in a row http://bit.ly/bS0X9h  #KM

Links to #UNCTAD’s annual Information Economy Reports (PDFs), 2005 onwards http://bit.ly/25IDYB www.unctad.org  #ICT4D

CTIA CIO innovation forum: “Mobile phones give you 5 billon points of presence in the market” http://bit.ly/ameN8C 

UK government launches technology innovation fund for humanitarian aid http://bit.ly/91x0KR 

CNN: ‘Eureka moments’ and other myths about tech innovation http://bit.ly/a99HDh 

IGNITE 2010: competition for Indian schoolchildren’s innovations and ideas http://bit.ly/cKOvLR 

Immigration in Canada aids innovation: report http://bit.ly/9f4hNE 

World Knowledge Forum, Seoul 2010: Future of Asia, Chimerica, Chindia; new media, m-business http://bit.ly/cPelEG 

MAKE Asia Winners 2010 from India: Eureka Forbes; Infosys; L&T-ECD; MindTree; TCS; Tata Steel; Wipro #KM

MAKE Asia 2010 Winners: Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise; 7 countries http://reut.rs/bFnFM0  #KM

Knowledge Management conference in Valencia, Spain: Oct 25-28 http://bit.ly/df7Na8  #KM www.kmis.ic3k.org 

Knowledge management: Knowledge Champions Forum held in South Africa http://bit.ly/b5GvoG  #KM

My concept note for the World Music Cafes network http://music.techsparks.com/?p=153  Come join me!

RT @IndianProverbs “He who knows others is learned, he who knows himself is wise.” – Hindi proverb

RT @IndianProverbs “What you know is as big as your palm, what you do not know is as big as the universe.” – Tamil proverb

Democratising Development Economics: Open Data, Open Knowledge, Open Solutions http://explore.georgetown.edu/news/?ID=52809 

Knowledge and ICTs for development: Tunisia approach http://bit.ly/9zFkjl  #ICT4D #KM

Knowledge Management: ACT #KM 2010 conference, Canberra: Oct 18-19 www.actkm.org 

Impact of Samsung Electronics’ Knowledge Management System on product development http://bit.ly/dr7mLw  #KM 

Study: effect of knowledge management on project team efficiency/quality at Wipro http://bit.ly/9O5LNj  #KM

Human resource challenge in Brunei: 40-year age limit on when civil servants can apply for educational degree programmes

In Brunei now conducting a two-day workshop on Talent Dynamics (global trends, social media, knowledge management, metrics; futures)

Braden Kelley’s pick: September’s Top Ten Innovation and Marketing Articles http://bit.ly/d4jxNl 

Innovation Mega-Events: FutureM Boston, Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week http://bit.ly/93f6ud 

O’Reilly Radar: Innovation, education and Maker Faire http://oreil.ly/cCcoy6 

Coming soon in India: Innovation Council for States, National Innovation Day? http://bit.ly/d3Tm9O 

Reviews of “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation” (Steven Johnson) http://bit.ly/bKd1Yl  http://bit.ly/bSZMyA 

Canada falling behind in innovation race? http://bit.ly/chBogg 

Innovation Management Academy: professional development

programme for SMEs http://bit.ly/9SphfW 

New book on my reading list this week: “Future Files: A Brief History

of the Next 50 Years” by Richard Watson www.FutureTrendsBook.com 

Winners of MakerFaire Africa 2010 www.matchamaker.info  “A

celebration of African ingenuity, innovation and creation” via @emerbeamer


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