September 2010 Tweets

September 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author


Knowledge management: my blogposts for #KM Singapore 2010 and 2009  #KMsg

Knowledge management: Job description for #KM manager in Saudi Arabia 

Knowledge management in the travel industry (#KM World magazine) 

Workshops all day at #KMsg today! See my blogpost for yesterday’s action:  #KM

Day One of #KM Singapore 2010 coming to a close. My updated blogpost:  Thanks to all re/tweeters! #KMsg

Eric Tsui focusing on #KM activities in China/HK, Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society 

Eric Tsui, #KM Research Centre at Hong Kong Polytechnic University: “The world can be viewed as an open KM laboratory” #KMsg

Knowledge Management: #KM Asia-Pacific Conference, China: Sep 16-18 

Yeong Zee: The life of a judge is lonely, while everyone else around you is exchanging notes and discussing! #KM #KMsg

Yeong Zee Kin, Senior Assistant Registrar, Singapore Supreme Court: #KM improved accessibility, timeliness, quality of court decisions #KMsg

Commonwealth Games organisers in Delhi could perhaps learn a thing or two from Singapore Youth Olympics team! ;-)

Patrick Lambe: YOG is a good example of tough discipline to get the #KM job done! #KMsg

Tan: YOG #KM: developing and standardising shared acronyms and terms, creating knowledge assets, and games-time during action reviews #KMsg

Doren Tan, #KM Head at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee, playing video which wakes up sleepy post-lunch crowd! #KMsg

Doren Tan, KM Head at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee, playing video which wakes up sleepy post-lunch crowd! #KMsg

#KM case studies at #KMsg afternoon tracks: Petronas, Shell, SYOG, Singapore Supreme Court, Attorney-General’s Chambers

Shelley: #KM needs a mix of systems thinking, mental models, shared vision, personal mastery, team learning #KMsg

Shelley: I will use a four letter acronym because all three letter acronyms (TLAs) have been used up! #KMsg

Shelley: if you haven’t yet collected 20 business cards at this networking forum you are a failure! #KMsg

Arthur Shelley: small innovations shift perceptions to make a big difference #KMsg #KM

Track moderator Bis: Singaporeans are too shy to ask questions in a conference – so please SMS me your questions! #KMsg #KM

IKMS KM Excellence award winner Bis from SYOG invites job offers since he will be jobless after knowledge transfer is complete! #KMsg #KM

ZDnet interview: David Croslin, former HP CTO, author of “Innovate the Future: A Radical New Approach to IT Innovation” 

RT @IndianProverbs “Life is a bridge. Cross over it, but build no house upon it.” – Hindi proverb

WiFi problems in Singapore, can’t tweet often, but did update my #KMsg blogpost:  #KM

B.G. Lee shows a snapshot of SAF/MINDEF wiki and Eforums. Metaphor used: tree, roots, branches #KMsg

B.G. Lee, SAF: an open culture had to co-exist with a military culture of deferment to authority #KMsg

B.G. Lee Shiang Long, SAF: IT-enabled self-discovery was an important factor for the next generation of defense forces #KMsg

IKMS jurors: Ron Young, and others #KMsg

IKMS jurors include: Sean Callahan, R Gopinathan, Ernest Lee, Patrick Lee, Ng Kok Chuan, Peter Queck, Arthur Shelley, Eric Choi #KMSsg

SAF is now a member of APQC and the KNOW network #KMsg #KM

SAF #KM initiative: ESILK: Enterprise System for Information, Learning and Knowledge #KMsg

#KM Excellence Awards, Singapore: Singapore Armed Forces (platinum) #KMsg

SYOG used #KM to deliver on the urgency of its mission #KMsg

SYOG: Knowledge transfers were to Singapore and IOC #KMsg

SYOG: team is project-based and is disbanding now, but the knowledge capture and transfer team is working hard now #KMsg

#KM Excellence Awards, Singapore: Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (silver: culture)

Hear hear! RT @metaphorage: #kmsg I was honoured 2B one of the 15 international judges 4the #IKMS Awards. Great to be able to contribute

#KM Excellence Awards, Singapore: Supreme Court of Singapore (bronze) and The Attorney-General’s Chambers (bronze) #KMsg

#KM Excellence Awards, Singapore: merit winners: Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, Yokogawa Engineering Asia #KMsg

#KM Excellence Awards, Singapore: merit winners: Institute of Chemical Engineering and Science #KMsg

Lambe: The IKMS #KM Excellence Awards are not benchmarking awards (such as the MAKE awards) #KMsg

Straits Knowledge co-founder Patrick Lambe: #KM pioneers in Singapore are no longer “struggling in isolation” as I wrote 10 years ago #KMsg

Varaprasad: Some of our best work comes from collaboration, hence close attention must be paid to the knowledge creation cycle #KMsg

This is the 7th annual KM Singapore conference organised by IKMS: congrats! #KMsg

Varaprasad: Few governments invest as much in workforce re-skilling as Singapore #KMsg

Dr N.Varaprasad, former CEO of Singapore’s National Library Board: #KM goals are innovation, excellence, value addition #KMsg

Good to meet fellow-tweeters @metaphorage and @simongoh again! #KMsg

Knowledge Management: #KM Singapore 2010 kicks off!  Official hashtag: #KMsg

RT @IndianProverbs “Those with little knowledge keep showing it. Those who know all are calm.” – Hindi proverb

RT @IndianProverbs “He who gives advice should also be able to follow advice.” – Punjabi proverb

Knowledge management job description: Telstra, Melbourne  #KM

Enterprise Awards 2010 winners, India: How CIOs implement knowledge management  #KM

Knowledge management: KMWorld magazine’s list of Trend-Setting Products of 2010  (Hugh McKellar) #KM

Peter Hann on challenges to knowledge management practices  #KM

Amdocs Innovation Programme: Strategic Innovation Days. Innovation Catalogue. #MMsummit

Amdocs Innovation programme: Open Innovation Program: Work with startups. Venture Innovation Arm. Startup Consultancy Service #MMsummit

Amdocs Innovation programme: Innovation camp; Rewards: “First Penguin” of the year, Innovator of the Year #MMsummit

Hulme: OpenIdeo seeking inputs on how to help students of developing countries #PICNIC10

Hulme: We have launched OpenIDEO #PICNIC10

Rosalind Resnick: 10 Mistakes That Start-Up Entrepreneurs Make  (WSJ)


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