August 2010 Tweets

August 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author



3 Indians in MIT list of world’s top innovators 

Indian Council of Medical Research begins debate on ‘Knowledge Management Policy for Health Service, Ed, Research’ 

Agri + knowledge management conference in India: “Gains from knowledge-based research must reach farmers”  #KM

International conference on “Agriculture Education and Knowledge Management” India, Aug 24-26  #KM

Knowledge management strategies: my blogpost from the Bangalore K-Community panel  #KM

Enrica Porcari on communication and knowledge sharing in agri sector  #KM via @mongkolroek

Knowledge management workshop in Philippines addresses better knowledge sharing between local government agencies  #KM

Australian Conservation Foundation seeks Knowledge Management Coordinator  #KM

Gervase Bushe on knowledge management approaches to project management  #KM (WSJ)

Three Tips for an Innovation Agenda  (Business Week)

Innovate, Yes, but Make It Practical  “Banks of the Future” (New York Times)

Job description: Knowledge Management & Best Practice Coordinator for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company  #KM

Overviews of knowledge management at Infosys, Honeywell, Dell: Frameworks, Case Studies  #KM

My blogpost: #KM Frameworks and Organisational Case Studies (Bangalore XIME workshop) #KM

Anil Kumar, WSJ: India is a good operations/innovation base not just for Western MNCs but SMEs as well 

Good debate on offshoring: Is it time for Western and Indian services cultures to blend? 

Review of “The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World” by Ben Wildavsky 

The knowledge movement: good story of Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society  #KM

RT @richardlalleman IFLA 2010: Global knowledge management initiatives in the development community  #KM4Dev  #KM

RT @KDialogues: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society event on social media in corporate #KM 17 Aug 

Proud to launch Phase 1 of the Indian Proverbs project today, Aug 15, India’s Independence Day! @IndianProverbs: a proverb tweeted each day!

Industry-academia cooperation for mobile startups: Nokia + VTU in Bangalore 

e-Reading: “active, participatory and social”  (@MalaBhargava in Business World)

More authors weigh in on India v/s China in innovation edge 

End of Day One of #KM Workshop. KM is a piece of cake, dealing with Bangalore evening traffic isn’t… ;-) Bye/thanks retweeters…. :-)

KM Singapore 2010, Sep 16-17  #KM

RT @kmjuggler McKinsey Business Trend No.9 Innovation from the bottom of the pyramid. Needs new #km thinking  #kfm

Nancy Dixon on three eras of knowledge management: explicit, experiential, collective knowledge (#SocialMedia)  #KM

RT @morrisgrass Science is organised knowledge. Wisdom is organised life (Immanuel Kant) #KM

Tom Davenport: BP’s “knowledge management” technique was all the rage in the 1990s. So what happened?  Bring back #KM

Knowledge management as a strategy for law firms: providing “battle-tested guidance” to clients  #KM

Myths and Realities of Being an Entrepreneur in India (Knowledge@Wharton) 

Startup experiences in India: India Angel Network invests in Innovize Tech (corporate productivity solutions) 

Startup experiences in India: profile of #SocialMedia analytics firm InRev Systems Bangalore  (CIOL)

Startup experiences in India: Founder Paras Chopra on the Kroomsa story 

Will be speaking on #SocialMedia tools at a knowledge management workshop in XIME Bangalore Aug 6-7  #KM

RT @mongkolroek today is @thisisgerard 1st day in Bangkok as FAO Knowledge + Information Management Officer for Asia-Pacific #KM

My July 2010 tweets compiled: knowledge management, innovation  #KM

How knowledge management can help governments’ foreign service/ministries  #KM

RT @rossdawson World Economic Forum on Technology and

Innovation in Financial Services: Scenarios to 2020 

Book extract: Raghav Bahl, author, “Super Power” 

Interview with Raghav Bahl, author “Super Power? The Amazing Race between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise”  (Zee News)

What Indian can learn from Japan’s success: public cleanliness, politeness, service culture 

Automotive sector in India ripe for innovation, unprecedented growth  (WSJ)


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