July 2010 Tweets

July 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l




Thailand conference addresses importance of knowledge and innovation in 21st century organisations http://bit.ly/apTHhO 

Can Innovation Management Be a Profession? http://bit.ly/9rC1yD  (Tim Kastelle)

Novations initiative for mobile innovations in Pune, India: green ways to charge a phone http://bit.ly/cYHV0x 

Who buys what? Research finds clues to marketing innovation


Social Business Intelligence: The Knowledge Management Connection http://bit.ly/btN1Np  (James Kobielus) #KM

Singapore startups: http://2359media.com  www.GoToCamera.com  Odeon (www.od-eon.com) www.MyAdEngine.com  www.EntiViti.com 

At cool startups meetup in Singapore! http://www.flickevents.com/e/founders-meetup  www.e27.sg 

Mobile Monday Palestine showcases local mobile innovations http://bit.ly/cg7Ctk  www.mobilemonday.ps  Souktel: classifieds; Tatweer: ringtone

Broadband Internet will wire the next generation in US http://bit.ly/cRmpp8 

Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Netscribes raises second round capital from Basil Growth Corporation http://bit.ly/9fn39G 

Interview with Ash Siew Hoong, Knowledge Management Advisor for Shell Global Solutions (Malaysia) http://bit.ly/arr4am  #KM

Knowledge management director of Institution of Engineering & Technology calls for innovation awards http://bit.ly/dweRR4 

India: Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) launched under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) http://bit.ly/c7ukg1  #KM

Tales from the trenches: using laptop Personal Knowledge Management tools http://bit.ly/cB9HGv  (WebWorker Daily)

Billboard magazine “innovators showcase” program at Mobile Entertainment live!, the Music App Summit http://bit.ly/9U0VeQ 

MITX (the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) event on #mobile marketing, #SMS http://bit.ly/9zfgKx 

UNESCO’s Open Access web page is now live http://bit.ly/6jMt9  (scientific information)

Rob Salkowitz, author of “Young World Rising,” on India’s entrepreneurial/demographic advantage as compared to China http://bit.ly/diknlI 

Do emerging markets need the West? http://bit.ly/bIlDGt  “Emerging economies have much more to offer one another”

Innovations in India: platform-as-a-service gathers speed http://bit.ly/9U9gyr  (Information Week profile: Wolf Frameworks)

Singapore Human Capital Summit, Sep 29-30 http://bit.ly/clKP5g 

Girija Pande, Asia-Pac chairman, TCS, on management leadership in India and China http://bit.ly/c4fN0W  

India-US higher education summit: knowledge cultivation and talent development http://bit.ly/b1gNER 

Third annual symposium, International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) www.ispim.org  (Quebec, Dec 10)

Innovation Perspectives – How to Create the Environment to Spur Innovation http://bit.ly/baozIY  (Jose Mello, Brasil)

Understanding The Evolving Ecosystem Of Innovation Service Providers http://bit.ly/baRbxp  (CIO magazine)

Malaysian government launches special unit to strengthen strategy and policy to help promote innovation http://bit.ly/c1j9Cw 

Red Herring’s list of Top 100 innovative companies (by region) http://www.redherring.com/topcompanies 

Knowledge Management: #KM World 2010 speaker lineup www.kmworld.com  Nov 16-18, Washington DC. Tom Stewart, Peter Morville, Manjula Ambur

Mainstream businesses take to Cloud computing http://bit.ly/9zdCZ3 

Jeffrey Kaplan: The Cloud’s Answer to the Knowledge Management Challenge http://bit.ly/bInw97  #KM

UK government needs to invest in knowledge management before cutting posts http://www.ovum.com/news/euronews.asp?id=8733  #KM

Good advice for startups! RT @mtripathi Experiences from our launch of VoiceTap: http://bit.ly/dADggN 


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