June 2010 Tweets

June 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l




Good review of new Indian mobile/Internet startups: AskBirbal, VoiceTap, etc. http://bit.ly/d8IKdw  www.pluggd.in 

Student start-up in Pune, India: #SMS service for actual bus departure time alerts http://bit.ly/aj7k8F  Bravo!

Micro-content, micro-blogs, micro-learning: Enterprise micro-sharing revisited http://bit.ly/9BoT3C  http://bit.ly/1Itwzs  #KM

Knowledge management and organisational learning in Indian SMEs http://www.erima.estia.fr/2010/?p=201  #KM

ITU’s World Telecommunication and Information Society Awards 2010 http://bit.ly/8XtCqw 

Knowledge Management and Collaboration Create Knowledge Sharing http://bit.ly/asrji6  Three-part article by Guy Currier #KM

Great to meet Australian professor Stephen Quinn, author, “Knowledge Management in the Digital Newsroom” & “Mobile Journalism” at #AMIC2010

RT @brainpicker Globe Forum – platform for crowdsourcing sustainable ideas and the funding for them http://bit.ly/bgKby4 

UNESCO-IGNOU develop grassroots innovation management course http://bit.ly/bdOGht 

Mark Dodgson: Diverse thinking is key to innovation in Australia http://bit.ly/cFoj8z  

Red Herring North America 2010 finalists in Innovation http://bit.ly/d9ENM0 

United Nations Presents 23 Institutions with Awards; including Knowledge Management in Government http://bit.ly/cdkFeM  #KM

Sixth India Innovation Summit, Bangalore: Government role, democratic access to ICTs http://bit.ly/9tPwic  http://bit.ly/abMJuy 

RT @surekhapillai HT-Mint partnership for ‘innovation project’ in India http://bit.ly/ao7Tok  

Nielsen survey: Hands-off Approach Spurs Organisational Innovation http://bit.ly/caiqek 

Knowledge management: Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs hosts fourth Knowledge Champions Event http://bit.ly/9RXGU7  #KM

Thanks to all tweeters at #KMUK10 — picked up some juicy bits from Bangalore… :-)

Hear hear! @rondon Speaking at #KMUK10 in London – everyone should bring their Vuvuzelas to make some noise at the awards ceremony

RT @BenPlouviez Stop being just a networker and start being a connector. Nick Davies at #KMUK10

RT @BenPlouviez We live in an age of continual partial attention

RT @markgould13 Professionals need to get over themselves. The audience may be more expert than you. #kmuk10

Knowledge management: #KM UK Awards 2010 http://www.kmuk2010.co.uk/awards.html 

RT @markgould13 Divorcing theory and practice dooms you to making the same mistakes. (@snowded) #kmuk10

RT @BenPlouviez: Librarians knew more about knowledge management than any knowledge managers, but we forgot about them @snowded #KMUK10

RT @snowded http://bit.ly/cihhsS  Loaded slides from this mornings keynote at #kmuk10 great twitter stream as well

RT @BenPlouviez KM must focus on defined&specific problems & solve them. Big enough to be difficult, small enough to solve. Dhanecha #KMUK10

RT @TisMeHonest Dillon Dhanecha at #KMUK10 : ‘if KM doesn’t drive performance and innovation we shouldn’t be doing it’

RT @rondon #kmuk10 @snowded in a suit #thingsineverthoughtiwouldseeagain

My blogpost: Embedding #KM in Organisational Workflow and Culture http://km.techsparks.com/?p=119  (Bangalore K-Community)

#KM Conference: Knowledge Management UK, June 15-16, London www.kmuk2010.co.uk  Tweets: @ArkKMUK #KMUK10

Dubai Internet City on Lookout for ‘Technopreneurs’ (June 23)

www.democampdubai.org  http://bit.ly/9DimoX 

Sixth India Innovation Summit, June 17-18, Bangalore http://cii-innovation.blogspot.com/ 

How Singapore SMEs create value through knowledge management http://bit.ly/cXpXdF  #KM

Hey thanks, you made my day!!! @gaurisalokhe: today’s #ff goes to @MadanRao for consistently posting useful, amusing links!

APQC promotes knowledge management benchmarking solution http://bit.ly/d7CCHO  #KM

Startups honored at SiliconIndia Startup City 2010 awards http://bit.ly/brfibz 

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE): winners of the TiE50 Awards http://bit.ly/aZXIfi 

Kurt April of Knowledge Management Professional Society wins award http://bit.ly/8ZgGfX 

Winter Olympics: knowledge transfer from Canada to Russia http://bit.ly/bxuP7D #KM

Knowledge Management System launched by the African Union Commission http://bit.ly/anlEtv  #KM

Terrific participation at my first knowledge management workshop in Sri Lanka, looking forward to the next! http://slasscom.lk/node/267  #KM

Article: Better collaboration and knowledge transfer is needed during change of government http://bit.ly/97PJgB  #KM

Philippines’ Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) forms Knowledge Management Division http://bit.ly/9NfCCo  #KM

4 Innovation Management Tools on Mobiles for Enabling Ideas While on the Move http://bit.ly/9PIGL0 

Role of internal communications in organisational knowledge management http://bit.ly/9cN6Ay  #KM

Overview of Web 2.0 startups and performance for investors http://bit.ly/bnyQH5 (CNN)

Policy recommendations for Ireland’s Knowledge Society http://bit.ly/cHepwb 

Silicon Valley, SF: hub of Web2.0 innovations http://bit.ly/9dUR4E  (San Jose Mercury News)


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