April 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration

April 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l




Coverage of NASSCOM #EmergeOut in The Hindu newspaper

http://bit.ly/bAjSbE  More SEZ space for SMEs

Lakshmi Narayanan, Cognizant Tech: Investment in R&D does not

necessarily lead to innovation&profits. Need networking, not silos #EmergeOut

Me: “One person’s frivolity is another person’s funda!” #EmergeOut

Challenge in innovation jams – how to keep out frivolous ideas. But

then who decides what is frivolous? #EmergeOut

RT @NASSCOM_Emerge: 95% of logistics in agriculture in India

are unorganised #emergeout

InnovationJam: if your idea is bad, audience throws yellow rubber

balls at you. Great way to end a conference! (or after lunch) #EmergeOut

InnovationJam ideas 3: Solar power unit in each home in India so

extra power can be supplied back to grid #EmergeOut

InnovationJam ideas 2: gizmo to charge mobile phone when you

are walking; employees who screw up must plant trees #EmergeOut

InnovationJam ideas: mobile app to calculate autorickshaw fares,

app for cops at traffic lights to know when ambulance is coming #EmergeOut

@Kiruba readies the room for his Innovation Jam session — check

out his new book on Unconferences for tips! #EmergeOut

Sharma: We have signed MoUs with eight Indian states so far for

UID #EmergeOut

Sharma: UID will be the mother of all e-government projects


Sharma: UID will create huge opportunities for hardware, software,

mobile in India #EmergeOut

Sharma: The thumb is the best identification mechanism – you can

forget your id cards, but you can never forget your thumb! #EmergeOut

RT @Liveadda: Sharma: There are poor people who are not in

these databases. Undeserving people reap their benefits #UID #emergeout

Ram Sevak Sharma, DG, Unique Identification Authority of India

http://uidai.gov.in  speaks at #EmergeOut “World’s largest biometric database”

Lunchtime chatter: Good to meet @Kiruba again; get in touch to

launch your Unconferences book! http://km.techsparks.com/?p=108  #EmergeOut

Lunchtime chatter: PaaS is the key to paisa for Indian IT

companies: Sunny Ghosh, www.wolfframeworks.com  #EmergeOut

Lunchtime chatter: CIOs of large companies tend to prefer IT

solutions from MNCs, not SMEs – need to change that mindset #EmergeOut

Accenture COO on Indian #innovation going global http://bit.ly/ARqLBF  

Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan on Systemic Innovation in India http://bit.ly/cxIaTN 

Dhir: We look to IT companies not just to solve our problems but

look at new opportunities #EmergeOut

RT @Liveadda: Sundarrajan: The Crow is Black everywhere!


Coming soon: Marico Innovation Foundation awards

www.maricoinnovationfoundation.org  Product, Process, Business Model

#Mobile innovations using #SMS: interview with John McDonough,

Shorthand Mobile www.shorthandmobile.in  http://bit.ly/cdotON  (The Hindu)

Daya Prakash, LG Electronics India: We used product from Indian

IT firm Kautilya (dashboard, alerts) #EmergeOut

Bravo! L Sundarrajan, Holcim urging Indian IT companies to

become even more creative, inventive, innovative #EmergeOut

Creativity: thinking what no one else has thought. Invention:

transform thoughts to tangible ideas. Innovation: introducing ideas to users

Mittal: Each job in the Indian IT sector creates 4 new jobs

downstream #EmergeOut

Good read: How should China engage with a rising India? http://bit.ly/biLHDZ  (The Hindu)

Ajay Dhir, Jindal Steel used open source technology to transform a

critical part of their procurement chain #EmergeOut

NASSCOM: Indian IT industry should be on track to touch $225

billion by 2020 http://bit.ly/axzWoi 

RT @evansdave: They will also be 3G ready. RT @MadanRao:

Pandit: In 2050, India will have 45 times the no. of cars it has today #EmergeOut

IT=Innovation+Transformation: Sangeeta Patni, Extensic Software

chairs panel on transforming CIO to Chief Innovation Officer #EmergeOut

Pandit: 90% of the innovation in cars today comes from electronics

and software #EmergeOut

Pandit: In 2050, India will have 45 times the number of cars that it

has today #EmergeOut

Ravi Pandit, KPIT: In 2050, China will have as many cars as the

whole world does today. Huge opportunity for automobile IT #EmergeOut

Paul: Indian product companies under-invest in marketing


Mittal: NASSCOM eGov Reach initiative helps vendors in one state

find govt customers in other states #EmergeOut

Mittal: We have identified 43 other cities in India as potential growth

areas for IT industry. But we need integrated townships #EmergeOut

Som Mittal, NASSCOM president, at media briefing: 95% of IT work

in India is done in 6 cities #EmergeOut

Useful marketing session as usual by Jesse Paul

www.jessiepaul.com  www.nomoneymarketing.org  #EmergeOut

Goenka: Mistakes are a part of life, but it is a mistake not to learn

from mistakes #EmergeOut

Goenka on piracy in India: How many people in this room know

where to get a legal copy of Microsoft Office? (Laughter&applause!) #EmergeOut

Goenka: There is no domestic demand constraint in Indian market.

Challenge is reaching out to customers and delivering products #EmeregOut

Bharat Goenka CMD, Tally solutions: We are expanding to

MiddleEast and Africa, and have launched ERP solution #emergeout

Logging in now from Chennai, at NASSCOM EmergeOut http://bit.ly/cNMVc7  #EmergeOut

ICT markets/innovations http://bit.ly/cNMVc7  Mobiles, automotive, Netbooks, etc

Knowledge Management Research Centre, HongKong: “good

combination of research and practice” http://kmrc.ise.polyu.edu.hk  #KM

The m-Billionth Award South Asia 2010: Nominations for best

mobile apps in 9 categories closes on May 15! http://mbillionth.in/ 

Open Innovation’s Challenge: Letting Go Is Hard To Do http://bit.ly/bXgvIx  (Business Week)

World Entrepreneurship Day: “The future is mobile” http://bit.ly/aIHWMv 

World Entrepreneurship Day: “I would love to be a 30-year-old in

India or Brazil right now” Beth Comstock, VP, GE http://bit.ly/aIHWMv 

Superb read: A venture capitalist’s European mission http://bit.ly/9v9HS3  (Financial Times)

New blog focuses on incubation, startups in India http://bit.ly/avBhuM  (Wall Street Journal)

World Entrepreneurship Day: “Mobile is not just liberating, it’s

empowering” – Esther Dyson http://bit.ly/aIHWMv 

Indian government urged to promote #mobile entrepreneurship

http://bit.ly/bC3HsV  Sanjay Anandram, JumpStartup

#mHealth Alliance announces winners of Wireless Innovation

Competitions http://bit.ly/9jQX3y  100M Stoves, Frontline #SMS, Sana

The Innovative Giving Foundation Announces #Mobile Giving

Conference http://bit.ly/9d4Kh5  Sep 27-28, California

RT @reemkhouri “Today’s peacock is tomorrow’s feather duster” –

Arif Naqvi. Entrepreneurs must adapt. #esummit

RT @auerswald Case study: Palestinian entrepreneurs @Souktel –

job-matching via #SMS: http://bit.ly/17VUqA  #esummit

Review of APQC’s 2009 Knowledge Management conference http://bit.ly/Yb7Uy  http://bit.ly/cl3XRc #KM

APQC’s 15th annual Knowledge Management conference this week

http://bit.ly/7Mt7x9  Houston, April 26-30 #KM

RT @mjamme Mauritius, investment bridge between Asia and

Africa http://bit.ly/bDWYC 

My blogpost: launch of #MobileMonday in Colombo http://mobile.techsparks.com   Industry dynamics, optimism http://mobilemonday.lk

Sri Lanka IT lobby sets up Mobile & Telco Centre of Excellence for

adoption, exports http://bit.ly/9b2M4f www.slasscom.lk 

My blogpost: Conversational Flows for Knowledge Sharing http://km.techsparks.com/?p=108  Bangalore K-Community, April 21 #KM

Table of contents of a 2009 knowledge management market report

http://bit.ly/bKPwdT  #KM

How to use knowledge management for defense intelligence

gathering http://bit.ly/cLXihp  (National Defense Magazine) #KM

eBiz guide to Social Intranets, Part I and Part II http://bit.ly/cP5Qa3 


Paul Sloane on “Breaking Down Internal Barriers to Innovation”


Knowledge management: I will be chairing a panel tomorrow on

knowledge sharing at Bangalore K-Community, April 21 http://bit.ly/dwmGFf  #KM

Excellent profiles of 50 emerging IT companies/entrepreneurs in

India (NASSCOM) http://bit.ly/dAuNeD  http://bit.ly/dgdkFs 

RIP C.K. Prahalad, management guru and one of the best

speakers I have heard http://bit.ly/cifboQ 

National Achievers Congress, Singapore+Malaysia, April 2010


RT @nimmypal: Indian Mythology and Knowledge Management.

Fascinating article. #km http://bit.ly/ad5SQP  (via Sundar Ram)

RT @WeKnowMore: RT @swanwick: #KMers transcript posted:

“Future of KM” moderated by @ridgehead http://bit.ly/cuoWXY  #KM

Knowledge management: I will be chairing a panel on knowledge

INSEAD’s Patrick Turner on #innovation challenges in Singapore

http://bit.ly/9rxuae  Focus on secure jobs in big companies, not startups

Bangalore’s version of “Who wants to be a millionaire” — for

entrepreneurs! http://bit.ly/dqNxHb 

Russian plans to set up its version of a Silicon Valley http://nyti.ms/

bIxXja http://bit.ly/9ZzGKX  (New York Times; MIT Tech Review)

Knowledge management: profile of #KM at Salmat http://bit.ly/bZ3sJA  (CIO Australia)

Knowledge management and #SocialMedia impacts in accounting

firms http://bit.ly/9aGPpY  (Boomer Consulting) #KM

Overview of recent academic research on Indian business, by

Rediff CEO Ajit Balakrishnan http://bit.ly/bPX9wT  (IIM Convocation)

In Search of Information Governance in the Enterprise http://bit.ly/crYd7d  (Forrester #KM)

Knowledge management and succession planning http://bit.ly/cFRWuL  (William Rothwell) #KM

My March 2010 tweets compiled: knowledge management,

innovation, collaboration http://km.techsparks.com/?p=104  #KM



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