March 2010 Tweets

March 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author



#SocialMedia in information workplaces and knowledge firms   (Forrester)

Innovation Poses Risks for Older Workers and Firms  (Huffington Post)

Canada Needs An “Own The Podium” Attitude To #Innovation  (James McKinnon)

“Innovation Island” – Irish Times launches #Innovation Awards  

Clustering and “open innovation” in the UK 

(Financial Times)

“Disaster Relief 2.0″ – innovative ways of knowledge sharing during


“Sales 2.0″ – the rise of social capital and knowledge sharing

among sales staff  (Len Rosen)

Jim McGee on the challenges of incentivising knowledge sharing  #KM

Niall Sinclair on marketing, aligning, deploying and measuring

knowledge management initiatives  #KM

iHub: an experiment in a physical tech community space for Nairobi  (CIO Magazine)

50 #SocialMedia Innovators in Higher Education 

#KM World conference: Nov 16-18, Washington DC 

#KM World magazine’s pick of 100 product/service companies that

enable knowledge management 

Risks to Silicon Valley’s innovation engine? 

#Innovation: Kremlin wants to engineer its own Silicon Valley 

Going global: social #innovation  (Guardian)

2010 Global #Innovation Index report (INSEAD) 

Depends on how innovation is defined. . . . ?

The World’s Most Innovative Companies: “The Fast 50″  (Fast Company)

Len Rosen on RoI of social networking and knowledge retention  #KM #SocialMedia

Kleos: Education platform focuses on surgeon knowledge sharing 

Korea to Expand Knowledge Sharing Program for Asia



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