February 2010 Tweets

February 2010 Tweets: Knowledge Management, innovation, collaboration


by Madanmohan Rao

KM Consultant and Author http://bit.ly/TU12l





RT @VenessaMiemis 10 principles for successful communities of practice http://bit.ly/apFC2L  (expand) via @jacobboone #KM

RT @DavidGurteen: Snowden blogs Henley Knowledge Management Conference http://bit.ly/9sqrTU  #KM

Google Day: Arabia 2.0 http://bit.ly/c2dgwb  Future of Internet and innovation in the Middle East

Mass Mobile Month: A Celebration of New England #Mobile Innovation in March 2010 massmobilemonth.com http://bit.ly/9kZR6z 

Profile of US Army Knowledge Management Qualification Course http://bit.ly/9UPqXu  #KM

How to promote knowledge management in your org (Chris Coleman, Ramon Barquin) http://bit.ly/b06zVl  Clarity, consistency, frequency #KM

Computer Society of India launches CSI Knowledge Management Portal http://bit.ly/9pFRXM  #KM

The #KM challenge: how to keep KM relevant at both organisational and individual levels http://bit.ly/9TsAJn  (Niall Sinclair)

#SocialMedia: contribution of wikis and blogs to Knowledge Management http://bit.ly/9IHyUD  #KM

#SocialMedia: Digital ways and analog networking http://bit.ly/96DLff  (Business Week)

Second edition of book “Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader” released http://bit.ly/9OipUr  (Sage) #KM

Kenya to set up #mobile innovation centres http://bit.ly/9cURCc 

RT @nimmypal @choconancy KM methods/tools wikispace http://www.kstoolkit.org/  #KM

RT @redgen: Excellent piece by David Weinberger on data-information-knowledge-wisdom pyramid http://bit.ly/alhGnZ  (HBR blog) #KM

RT @condontm: Stan Garfield’s Global and Local Community Directory of Knowledge Management professionals http://bit.ly/cFqRpt  #KM

RT @DavidGurteen Knowledge Share Fair Latin America + Caribbean CIAT, Cali, Colombia, 25-27 May http://bit.ly/dwKVDN  #KM in agriculture

RT @bpmredux: How IBM Uses #SocialMedia to Spur Employee Innovation http://tinyurl.com/yal5nnu  (Casey Hibbard)

ICT4D, eGov: Singapore conducts knowledge sharing exercise for Bangladesh http://bit.ly/9c6I6p 

Knowledge management in South Africa: Johannesburg Information and Knowledge Exchange (JIKE) unit shares urban lessons http://bit.ly/babacJ 

#SocialMedia tools take knowledge management to a new level http://bit.ly/8YYyNU  #KM

Knowledge sharing among SMEs: portal launched for African business http://bit.ly/9eHsSZ  #KM

Report: Knowledge Management is cultural transformation + technology enabled business process http://bit.ly/cZzAtt  #KM



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